View Full Version : Dr. Ernestina Naadu Mills For The First Time Speaks About Husband's Death

Pope Bitterz D'Alomo
21st September 2012, 03:11 PM
Former First Lady, Dr. Ernestina Naadu Mills has for the first time spoken about the death of her husband; a situation she described as challenging.

Speaking at a ceremony in New York where the International Institute of Education presented a posthumous award to honor late President Mills, Dr. Mrs. Mills said her husband’s dedication to public service was the reason the award was given.

She said: “Events of the past few weeks have been quite challenging and I am grateful to God that I am able to stand here before this august audience to accept this award on behalf of my late husband, Professor John Evans Atta Mills; former President of the Republic of Ghana.”

According to her, “nothing would have made me happier if he were here to accept this honour himself. Having toiled so hard for Ghana and for humanity; yet, you will agree with me that as Shakespeare said, ‘the good is oft interred with their bones’, so will it be with my late husband.”

The former first lady added that the award would keep the memory of the late President alive saying, “nevertheless, I believe I have done a good job in his stead tonight while accepting this most distinguished honour done a great man who walked the surface of this earth. Like his Fulbright will keep his memory alive, it will etch his good name in history.”