View Full Version : Uneasy Calm In Police Service

19th September 2012, 10:44 PM
Impeccable information reaching The New Crusading Guide newspaper indicates that top hierarchy of the police Administration are having a tough time to explain to the rank and file the rationale behind a ‘sinister’ move to alter portions of its regulations relative to retirement.

The move to bend the rules according to the source, is being spearheaded by the Presidency which when brought into reality, would see police officers on retirement still maintain their ranks and wear their respective uniforms as if they were in active service.

That would be in sharp contrast with the existing law, which mandates senior police officers who are hired on contract after retirement to reduce their rank by one step and also wear mufti. “This is a move clearly aimed at favouring Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCOP) Robert Ayalingo and COP Hamidu who are close allies of President Mahama”, alleged the source.

According to the source, COP Hamidu as the Human Resource Director, went on leave September last year pending his retirement February this year but was given a year’s contract. Surprisingly, he kept his rank and uniform as an active police officer.” The source also revealed that DCOP Ayalingo, who is Brong Ahafo Regional Police Commander, should have retired on September 2, this year, but is still at post and maintaining his rank and uniform.

That has infuriated the junior ranks who see the unorthodox practice as an impediment in their quest to also assume high positions in the police service. The intention to make the changes formal was tabled before the Police Council recently and was referred to the Legal department for deliberations.

However, the source said though the Legal Department is against the new attempt to change the rules, it “has no option than to give in as it is a move emanating from the Presidency”. The source further revealed that some senior officers with the ranks of DCOP and COP who recently retired, were not given the same treatment as being given to DCOP Hamidu.

Source: New Crusading Guide