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19th September 2012, 08:22 PM
“Spittle sent upwards against a brother, falls back on the face of the one that spat”- Nigerian proverb.

You know my friend Kofi Django, don’t you? He was the dude who not too long ago predicted that Asomdwekrom will beat Lesotho by seven goals to nil, and it came to pass. He also prophesied that a top government official at the presidency will, for exposing the faecal matter stashed in his ----, become the laughing stock among his fellow countrymen. And did the fall of Koku Anyidoho that fateful ‘Black Friday’ not make his prophecy come to pass?

The heading of today’s piece is one question on the lips of Kofi Django anytime we meet and discuss matters of national interest. I do have my suspicions about the sincerity of the peace chorus being sung by those standing under the eagle-headed Umbrella. I do suspect the fact that Kung fu politicians in this country are capable of doing anything to cling on to political power.


But Kofi Django’s has gone beyond suspicion. As a matter of fact, it has moved from suspicion to conviction. He always spoke with so much certainty that one could even be tempted to think he was obsessed with the thought of Zu-za planning to rig the upcoming election. Anytime he was asked why he believed so, his response was simply, ‘Wait and see! Sooner than later their evil plans will be exposed.’

Indeed, if I ever had any doubts about Kofi Django’s predictions and hunches, the revelation of the infamous Yaw Boateng Gyan tape has totally erased them. Kofi Django has totally been vindicated because the evil machinations of Zu-za have come to light.

If you are a true patriot, contents of the tape will send shivers down your spine. After listening carefully to it, I could not help but join my friend Kofi Django to ask if we are indeed safe in this country. A calculated plot to unleash mayhem in some parts of the country and lay blame on the doorstep of political opponents, in the name of retaining power, is nothing but pure criminality. But trust me when I say a call for investigations into the matter is palm wine music in the ears of Paul Tawiah Quaye and his aides.

I’ve never hidden the fact that I do not fancy the eagle-headed Umbrella, but I will give the devil his due. Zu-za is the only party in this country whose members will go to any length to defend one of their own. They will shout, lie, terrorize, blaspheme or even kill to protect their own.

It is the reason I laugh when I hear my compatriots call for the head of the Zu-za National Organizer. His mouth is no gun, is it? His was only a voice on tape. The voice did not fire any bullet, did it? If the National Security hoodlum who was caught on camera firing ‘boomratata’ into a crowd in Chereponi is walking free, do you expect a mere tape to lead to the decapitation of Yaw Boateng Gyan’s head? Not even in your wildest dream!

The Yaw Boateng Gyan ‘Special Forces’ is not the first. Somewhere in 2009, there was this chilling news about a guerilla training centre in Bawku. The pictures were splashed on the front pages of some private newspapers and we all saw everything with our very naked eyes. A weapon training instructor was captured on camera giving instructions to G3 and AK 47-wielding recruits. One of the recruits was identified as the son of one of the executives of the ruling party in the Bawku Constituency. Till this day, not a fly has been arrested for that treasonable act.

If the pictures were not from any other country but ours, and the hoodlums have been let loose, can we continue to trust our prejudiced National Security apparatus to protect us? Is that not enough for us to sleep with both eyes open?

One thing I know for sure is that Osono’s ‘all die be die’ theory is its way of telling its opponents that it is being careful, lest it ends up in the belly of the carnivorous animal. But as to whether the Osono has been careful enough to save itself from the cunning tricks of kung fu politicians, I cannot say for sure.

It is an open secret that those riding on the Elephant are predominantly gentle and cultured. Unlike their counterparts standing under the eagle-headed Umbrella, they prefer using the brain in settling disputes to using clubs and machetes. But please permit me to ask; of what use is playing it clean with an opponent who does not mind soiling his hands and clothes?

Those riding on the Elephant should learn serious lessons from the Yaw Boateng Gyan tape. The signs are boldly written on the wall; so let them not be deceived by the peace songs being drummed into their ears. Shouting ‘all die be die’ and doing nothing to empower themselves in order to counter the tricks of Kung fu politicians will be very detrimental to their cause of wrestling power in December 2012. They should remember that the test of excrement can be determined by the smell of its fart.

So long!

Source: Daily Guide/Editorial