View Full Version : Zimbabwean PM Morgan Tsvangirai, 60, Marries His 35-Year-Old Sweet Heart

19th September 2012, 02:01 PM
Morgan Tsvangirai who is the prime minister of Zimbabwe married his 35 year old lover, Elizabeth Macheka.

The marriage happened over the weekend. It was an event marked with tension as there was a pressure and legal attempt from his other girlfriends to try and stop the marriage.

This is the second marriage of the prime minister as he is already married to Locardia Karimastenga.

A woman from South Africa went to court to stop the wedding just some few days before the wedding claiming that she was engaged to Morgan Tsvangirai. The woman whose name is Nosipho Regina Shilubane said that they were romantically involved in 2009.

Polygamy is recognized under its traditional customary law but not in its formal legal system in Zimbabwe. A man can have several customary marriages, but if he has wed under the practice, he is precluded from holding a legal marriage ceremony.

The Prime Minister had initially planned to have his second marriage under the legal system but Locardia challenged his plan in court.

After seeing video footage of the traditional bride price being paid last November to Locardia’s family, the magistrate cautioned Tsvangirai that if he signed a legal marriage register with his new wife he could be prosecuted for bigamy.

Due to the circumstances that surrounded him he decided to do the customary marriage practice. The marriage took place on the 15th of September 2012 and was presided over by a priest. Tsvangirai claimed that he dated several women to find out whom he truly loves.

Source: Liveghanaonline.com