View Full Version : Joke: Boys will always be smarter

6th September 2012, 02:35 PM
Major James (rtd) has been monitoring the movement of his only daughter recently.

In fact, he first picks her calls to confirm the identity of the caller before handing over the phone to her after thorough screening. But one faithful day, her boyfriend called and major picked the call as usual.

Major: Hello! may I know you?

Caller: Sorry I want to speak with Janet sir.

Major: I said who are you and what for?

Caller: (sensing the situation at hand said) Okay Sir, I am Kafui Dey from Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Janet’s friend is presently on the hot seat and needs her help to answer a question for 2 million Cedis. So the next voice you hear after mine is hers, the time starts now………

Major: Oh no! I am very sorry!!! Janet! Janet!!
Please take the phone, your friend needs your help………..

Caller: The question is; when are you coming tomorrow?
(a) morning
(b) afternoon
(c) evening
(d) night

Janet: C

Caller: How sure are u?

Janet: 100% sure.
OMG Ghana! Boys will always be smarter.