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30th August 2012, 11:41 PM
So, how can you get away from a bad date, without embarrassing yourself and the other person?

Be Honest


So, your current escape plans includes bad table manners, checking other people out and using the restroom for a very long time. Do you really think you're doing anyone any favors? It's more likely that you are only making a fool out of yourself.

Instead, just be upfront with your date. Tell them, "Look, there is no hope for romance between us and I would like to end our date right now". Keep your integrity.

Donít forget that the other person has feelings too. Show them some compassion. You do not want to leave a permanent scar on his or her dating experience. How would you like it if you had to wait 45 minutes for someone to use the restroom?

Besides, they may actually end up being a better friend than a date.

Tell White Lies

So, you are not comfortable with telling your date the truth and you also do not want to hurt them. Now what? Try telling your date a white lie.

Some good ones include, "I am not feeling well tonight," "I have to get up early tomorrow morning," and "I have to get home before (whatever) time."

Just remember to use only one white lie for every bad date. Do not use more than one because your date will see through your lies and you will end up looking foolish.

Your white lie is well intentioned, so don't feel guilty about it. Not all lies are bad.

Do NOT Take The Blame

If you can't bring yourself to tell your date a white lie, then you should place the blame on an external circumstance that you have no control over.

Tell them something believable. You could say, "I do not have time for a relationship right now because I am really busy at work." Avoid anything that sounds ludicrous like, "My mom will not let me date anymore."

Again, use only one external circumstance for every awful date that you have. Use more than one and your date will get the impression (ahem, realize) that you are making up excuses.

Placing the blame on an outside circumstance will help you get away from your date a lot easier without hurting anyone's feelings or making things awkward.

Choose A Busy Location

When you go out with someone for the first time, it's impossible to know whether the date will be good or bad. Therefore, it is best to choose somewhere busy to go out on your first date. The place should be well lit and have a lot of people around.

Choosing somewhere busy will make it easier for you and your date to get along because there will be more things to discuss. Having a lot of people around eases the tension and helps you stop feeling like you are under the microscope. It's also a quick way to end the date because you could say that you need to go somewhere nearby and then blend in with the crowd. It's not as awkward as leaving someone alone at a dinner table.

Keep in mind that you should always bring plenty of cash for a taxi or a bus. You cannot rely on your date to take you home, if you choose this option.

Make It A Double Date

If you feel that you cannot leave your date, then why not change the situation and make it a double date.

Let your date know that you would like to bring another couple. By having a friend or two along, you can take the date from horrible to fun. Why waste a perfect evening? Everyone can end up having a good time.

However, if your date rejects the idea of taking along another couple, assure them that in no way will this affect your own date.

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