View Full Version : Kweku Bonsam's Daughter Disappears

27th August 2012, 10:27 PM
Whether or not issues of child rights have any place in spiritual practice has become a subject of public discourse after Yaa Bonsam, the four-year-old daughter of sensational fetish priest Nana Kwaku Bonsam, seems to have been dragged into her father’s idol worship.

NEWS-ONE has gathered that Kwaku Bonsam is in a fix, unable to explain the whereabouts of his four-year-old daughter after her frequent disappearance and re-appearance. She is his fifth child.

Yaa Bonsam, reports said, first disappeared from her father’s home when she was two-and-a-half years old, and the trend seems to have started again.

Yaa Bonsam

Just like the previous incident, there are times the four-year-old goes missing for days and no one knows her whereabouts.

Bonsam’s home, once again, is said to be boiling as there has been no explanation from him as to why little Yaa Bonsam has been ‘disappearing’ for days and goes missing without food and water.

A number of family members, reports said, have expressed worry over the development and have vowed to defy Kwaku Bonsam and lodge a complaint with the police the next time Yaa Bonsam ‘disappears’.

Bonsam has only explained the issue as a spiritual one that he cannot explain to ordinary minds.

The priest currently has 13 children but says he would have 79 in all.

In an interview with NEWS-ONE last year, one of his sons, seven-year-old Nana Kofi Bonsam Jnr said he belonged to the children’s choir of a local church in his community.

Nana Kofi, in July 2011, told NEWS-ONE: “I am in class one…yes, I attend church and I also sing in the choir.”

When asked if he knew his dad was a fetish priest, Nana Kofi said he had heard reports of his father and had also seen him perform rituals for various people.

“My friends ask me about him at school and I tell them that it is true. He can do many things and many people come to him.

Even this morning, they brought three mad men to him and the other day too, he made leaves turn to plenty money,” the boy noted.

Asked whether his dad had ever asked him to stop attending church, Nana Kofi said the fetish priest rather encouraged him to attend church and had threatened to punish him if he missed Sunday church service.

The father confirmed the report to NEWS-ONE and explained that he was a member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church before becoming a fetish priest and that till date, he still had his quite time and read the bible every morning.

Source: News-One