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26th August 2012, 01:09 PM
Baaba and the kakai faced each other silently, even as scores of wounded asafo lay on the ground around them. It wondered how she was still alive but when she assumed a fighting stance, it was surprisingly familiar to that of their Panin Kese, Sum (Darkness)! Baaba sped towards it and swung her akofena at its neck, before it could even think of blocking. Enraged, it swung it's serrated spear at her, as it pivoted to the left, the akofena's blade missing it by inches.

Baaba dodged the swings with ease, rolling to her left as several steel needles burst forth from it's hands. She spun her spear deflecting the needles away from her fallen colleagues and back towards the kakai who sliced them to bits with it's claws. At that very moment, Baaba let off three arrows from her bow which the kakai slashed as well as it lunged at her.

Baaba swung her akofena at its approaching form, at the same moment as it drew out two akofena from it's palms and struck at her, forcing her backwards. It slid across the ground, its blades swinging at her feet. Even as Baaba spun away to her left in mid-air, with her akofena striking that of the kakai, her weapon begann to develop noticeable cracks.
'Two or three hits might weaken it further' thought Baaba. 'I need to end this quickly'.

The moment she landed, the kakai let loose a barrage of steel needles, unlike anything Baaba had ever seen. She spun away, even as her spinning spear snapped under the attack. The needles whizzed past her as she drew out weapon after weapon to protect her vital organs. The deflected needles struck the earth, raising dust and turning young trees into wet sawdust.

Panting heavily, the kakai was shocked when the Baaba leapt through through the dust cloud, her arms and legs bleeding, with an afena raised and aimed at its chest. At her speed, even if the kakai killed her then, the momentum would carry her forward. No matter what it did, Baaba would plunge the afena through its chest and banish her instantly.