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21st August 2012, 10:52 PM
She nearly took a direct kick in the head as she raised a machete to block the kakai’s attack seconds before its claws impacted on the machete. It nearly brought the machete to her head and sent her spiraling theogh the air. Halfway through trying to balance herself, Danso lightly stepped on her shoulder and let off three different arrows at the kakai.

The kakai dodged and struck at Danso who defended himself with his bow, as he was out of arrows. He blocked a swing of the machete from the right with it and drew out his machetes. He swung his machete at it but it sidestepped him and slashed his back. Grunting in pain, he spun around to thrust it with his spear. However his spear thrusts were dodged by the kakai which sliced through it with its own serrated spear.

With two quick swings , it slashed him with his machetes and sent him hurtling into a tree. Slightly dazed, his eyes widened in shock as the kakai threw a spear at him….which was deflected by Kuukua’s spear. She attacked the kakai with her spear as it leapt back continuously to avoid her attacks. Danso struggled to rise, staggering when he finally did so.

He could not believe his eyes when the kakai slashed the asafo captain thrice, driving her back as she struggled to stay on her feet. The kakai watched the two asafo warily , its chest partially covered in pamo spiral marks and its eyes glinting in the afternoon sun.