View Full Version : Jealous woman hit lover with rolling pin as Christmas present

19th August 2012, 05:02 AM
A woman who mistakenly suspected her boyfriend of being unfaithful told him to close his eyes and wait for a 'present' - and then hit him over the head with a rolling pin.

Beverley Jones, from Swansea, had argued with her lover Michael Rees, 44, in December last year when she accused him of having an affair after finding a suspicious text on his phone.

Later on she asked him if he would like an early Christmas present and when he said 'yes' she asked him to count to three and then whipped out the rolling pin, hitting him on the nose.

He had to be taken to hospital suffering from cuts and bruises.
Jones, from Swansea, has admitted assault causing actual bodily harm, the Daily Mirror said.

Prosecutor Laura Carthew told Swansea Magistrates' Court: 'She repeatedly struck him.
'Mr. Rees had blood pouring down his face and asked her what she was doing.'

Ms Carthew said Jones hit Mr. Rees again on the hand and he managed to grab the rolling pin before she hit him again.

It later emerged that Mr. Rees wasn't having an affair and the text was from the girlfriend of his friend, South Wales Post said.

He also told the court he thought the relationship was going well prior to the attack.
Jones' solicitor said his client suffered from schizophrenia.

She was bailed and will be sentenced in September following a psychiatric report.