View Full Version : 'More Indecent Language Despite Mills' Death'

The Informer
18th August 2012, 08:55 PM
Dozens of indecent and intemperate language were used on radio despite the somber atmosphere which enveloped the entire country following late President Millsí death about four weeks ago.

The Media Foundation for West Africa which has been monitoring the use of language on the airwaves ahead of the December elections says as many as 34 indecent expressions were recorded during the four-week mourning period.

The Foundationís Deputy Executive Director however says the somber mood of the country nonetheless had a calming effect on language use during the four week period that followed the late Presidentís death.

The aim of the language-use monitoring exercise is to discourage intemperate language on the airwaves ahead of the December polls. The four week report covers expressions used from July 15 to August 11.

Deputy Executive Director of the foundation, Sulemana Braimah said the indecent expressions were recorded on 11 out of 31 radio stations monitored across the country.

Source: radioxyzonline.com