View Full Version : Fresh Car For Single And No Lover Actor John Dumelo

18th November 2010, 03:30 AM
John Dumelo has rapidly become an expensive actor and his rating has gone high in both the Nigeria and Ghana movie industries. Money, they say, cannot hide for long, and John, who is still single with no lover, has released a 2009 model of Toyata Tundra pickup van.

News-One has spotted John cruising in his new vehicle which has a showroom price of $90,000 whiles the ‘home-used’ ones go for something around $50,000. So far, the fresh looking actor *** estate developer who is now called sexy John is about the only Ghanaian actor cruising in an American Toyata Tundra.

Last week, John was spotted in town cruising in his new car with a DV trial registration number. It is not quite clear if John will also customize the number plate in his name like a number of his pals have done.He cruised in the vehicle to the premiere of his new movie ‘Forever Young’ over the weekend and again to actress Khareema’s birthday party for the aged at Help Age Ghana last Friday afternoon.
John has so far not openly portrayed himself as a car freak but he appears to be one.

He has within a period of two years used about four different cars. He first used a white Land over 2000 model. Earlier this year, he went in for a black Volkswagen Bora car and then for a Mazda Tribute and finally the Tundra.

Source: News one