View Full Version : Why date two ladies & tell one she is your "back-up plan"?

15th August 2012, 07:51 PM
It is quite normal these days when a guy is dating two ladies.....no big deal about it, but whats freaking me out is when the guy opens his buccal cavity to tell one of the ladies that....""ooooh I want you to be my back-up plan so that when the other relationship doesn't work, you will be there for me.........are you insane?

Ok this is freaking me out.....its bad enough knowing or finding out your guy is dating another gal but for him to tell you what he's doing.....thats another ball game all together.

Bottom line is he doesn't love you..........

Guys how will you feel if your lady tells you this? Am I just over-reacting or is it normal for this to happen?