View Full Version : An Important Risk Factor of Heart Disease. Are You At Risk?

6th August 2012, 09:35 PM
One of the most important heart markers is the Ratio between Triglycerides (T) and HDL.

The optimal number to shoot for is less than two.

25% of the population with the highest triglyceride to HDL ratio has 16 times more heart related events than the 25% whose ratios were the lowest
--Circulation (October 21, 1997
Here is an example:

Let say your triglycerides are 110 and your HDL is 55, your T/HDL ratio would be 2. That is ideal.

Now let's say your triglycerides are 210 and your HDL is 45, your T/HDL ratio would then be 4.6. That is not good.

Go ahead and check and see what your ratio is.

This is much better cardiovascular measurement for the risk of heart attack and strokes than cholesterol.

source - Ronald Grisanti D.C.