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4th August 2012, 03:08 PM
'Listen closely', Afua warned. 'According to the 10th company, only two gates were opened along a kakai path but the 4th company there states that a third gate just opened and that 6 kakai emerged from each gate!'

'18 kakai in all', noted Baaba as she burst through the bushes and spotted them overwhelming the 4th company. 'More will keep coming through if the gates aren't sealed in time'.

Two kakai noticed her but before they could let off their steel needles, she let off two arrows at them. As both companies began to drive them back, Baaba and Twumasi fought side by side, with Twumasi blocking long range needles with his spear.

In turn, Baaba blocked the kakai's lunges and swings at them with her akofena and machetes. She cut a path through the kakai, as she blocked their attacks.

Her movements were a series of blocks, and short as well as long range attacks. She let off a stream of arrows for kakai who were far off, and used her machetes and akofena to slash and thrust through kakai that were near her. Their intent killing intent was matched by her own desire to banish them.

She saw their attack patterns and responded with blocks or by dodging them.Her attacks soon became impossible to block, breaking through their defenses.

Suddenly, a kakai was in her face, its eerie looking eyes seemingly gazing at the depths of her soul. It was too close for her to raise her sword to block its attack, so she spun to her side, as it snapped at her face. She swung at it and the force of their blades upon clashing, drove them both back.

Before it could recover, she slashed it multiple times, banishing it.

A kakai swung a machete at her head but all it cut was a bit of her hair before she stabbed it in the chest with her akofena and slashed it with her machete 5, times banishing it.

On her left,there was a blur of movement as Twumasi slashed at kakai in all directions with his machetes. He stabbed a kakai with his spear, banishing it and in one fluid movement, spun to his left and flung a spear at another kakai that fired steel needles at him.

As he slashed five more kakai, he rushed toward the fallen kakai, snatching back his spear seconds before it was fully banished.

Upon noticing the advance of the captains and the other asafo, the remaining kakai began to fall back, but the companies began to outflank them, blocking their retreat on all sides. It wasn't long before all of them were banished.

Suddenly, Baaba noticed the telltale metal claws of a kakai, emerging from the gate. The kakai leapt from the gate and lashed out at Baaba with its claws. Baaba broke its blades with her machete after breaking its claws. After banishing it, she lunged at the gate as a kakai reared its head out of the gate.

Baaba stabbed it with her akofena, banishing it instantly. She then tried to turn her akofena to seal the gate, but found that there was now a huge amount of strange pressure on her blade!

She could barely turn it clockwise to close the gate but gritting her teeth, she used both hands and struggled to turn it. The gate began to slide shut until it was completely closed with a loud clang. It then began to fade away.

Panting heavily, Baaba slowly sheathed her pamo akofena into the scabbard that was slung across her back. The skies began to darken, as rain clouds appeared and rain began to descend from the heavens.