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3rd August 2012, 05:23 PM
This health story will NEVER get the (proper) media attention it deserves in the United States. So, here it is: an Italian court has recognized the sickening connection between the MMR vaccine and Autism. Big pharma can not hide the truth forever!
The measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine is a combination vaccine, which was licensed in 1971 to “protect” children from those contagious diseases. Each year, nearly 10 million doses of the vaccine are distributed, and the CDC continues to recommend them for infants and young children. Naturally, greedy pharmaceutical sales reps and brainwashed physicians considered all vaccines safe – even though they contain horrible (toxic) ingredients.
Who do you think the legal system is designed to protect?
The United States Court of Federal Claims has ruled that there is no connection between the MMR vaccine and autism. (no surprise) They decided to ignore 5,500 claims filed by U.S. families asking for compensation through the government’s Vaccine Injury Compensation program. This ruling meant that injured families would not be compensated plus no acknowledgement was given of any harmful health effect.
This is in stark contrast to an Italian court who recently found that the MMR vaccine did cause autism – in the Valentino case brought before it. In America, this verdict hasn’t been publicized by the mainstream media. But, in the United Kingdom, the story made news and was publicized in many papers including – The Daily Mail.
American judges avoid common sense about the dangers of vaccines
The Italian case was about a normal 15 month old boy named Valentino Bocca who went from a talkative, alert, fun to be around child to an introverted, non-responsive boy within hours of receiving the MMR vaccine. What other evidence do you need?
The Daily Mail published the following statements: “Judge Lucio Ardigo, awarding compensation to the family…said it was ‘conclusively established that Valentino had suffered from an ‘autistic disorder associated with medium cognitive delay’ and his illness as Dr. Barboni stated, was linked to receiving the jab.”
His parents had delayed the MMR vaccination for a month because Valentino had a bout of gastroenteritis, which is a medical condition characterized by intestinal inflammation. The symptoms of gastroenteritis can lessen while the inflammation remains. By the way, never get vaccinated if you have intestinal inflammation or weakness of any kind.
Vaccine toxicity threatens the gut and brain
When a child with abnormal gut flora and damaged digestive tract receives a vaccine – the toxic burden is dramatically increased. It appears that the measles virus in the vaccine may contribute to chronic inflammation of the bowel – thereby unleashing a cascade of effects on the brain.
British gastroenterologist, Dr. Andrew Wakefield published research in the Lancet (1998) which suggested there may be a link between the MMR vaccine, chronic bowel disease and autism. This has become one of the most controversial issues of our time – since many drug cartel paid researchers have tired to discredit both Dr. Andrew Wakefield and his conclusions. Gee, what a surprise.
Conventional medical “experts” hate to be questioned about the truth
The General Medical Council in Britain discredited Dr. Wakefield’s work even though a long list of studies by other researchers back up his finding. In fact, Merck’s package insert for their MMR vaccine lists encephalitis as a potential side effect, type 2 diabetes and other life-altering conditions.
Acute encephalomyelitis is an inflammatory condition, which can lead to permanent brain damage; in practical terms – autism regression and encephalomyelitis both describe chronic brain dysfunction. They essentially describe the same brain disorder at different points along the spectrum which account for developmental delays.
Healthy brain function begins in the intestinal tract
Encephalopathy is a medical term for a disease or disorder of the brain – its real effect is a slowing down of brain function. Regression is when a person loses skills that they used to have such as walking, talking or being socially adaptive.
A research team from Wake Forest North Carolina examined children with autism and bowel disease, and of the 82 tested at the time of presentation, 70 were positive for the vaccine strain of the measles virus. What this showed is that the majority of autistic children with regressive autism had the vaccine strain of measles in their gastrointestinal tract.
This is just one of many reasons the MMR vaccine has been implicated in Autism Spectrum Disorder. Vaccines are powerful and each one should have accessible data which evaluates their performance as well as the possible reaction to them. But, one thing is for sure, the vaccine industry will stop at nothing to increase its customer base (and profits) without regard to “good” science.

source - natural Health365