View Full Version : How Big Pharma recruits mindless soldiers for the Pentagon

3rd August 2012, 05:53 PM
Oh, and by the way, on the conspiracy side of things, did you ever wonder why it's primarily young boys who are drugged with violence-inducing chemicals? Notice that violent young men also make highly effective soldiers who can mindlessly commit violent atrocities against prisoners in secret U.S. military bases like, say, Gitmo. The more the U.S. government can drug young men and cause them to feel nothing, the more easily they can sign them up to go murder innocents in whatever country is being targeted next by the imperialist Bush was machine.

Pharmaceuticals and war go hand in hand, and the more minds that can be nullified by pharmaceuticals, the more mindless bodies are made available for the Pentagon's war machine. And that, of course, is exactly what makes a good soldier these days: A mindless body that follows orders, commits violence and feels nothing. Funny how Big Pharma just happens to manufacture chemicals that accomplish the same thing, huh? You could call it "chemical recruitment" for the U.S. military. The kid gets put on SSRIs today, and in a few years his mind will be warped enough to sign up for military service and be told who to shoot, torture or kill. And he'll do it without question, because he's been chemically prepped for the whole experience thanks to modern psychiatry -- a murderous, evil cabal of Frankenbrain doctors whose arrogance is only exceeded by their own lust for power over the minds of the masses.

Care to guess where this is all leading the United States of America? Stay tuned, and I'll bring you more predictions of the downfall of America in future articles. Don't be the last to learn what's really coming in this country. The mass drugging of the population is only a small piece of the big picture. For now, stay alert and mindful. Avoid all chemicals. Live green, and stay connected with the real world around you (the real world being nature). Invest in your own education and health, and you'll be better prepared for the tidal wave of global changes yet to come -- changes that will shatter the illusions under which most people live today, and may eventually lead to the birth of a new civilization no longer based on predatory instincts.

source - naturalnews.