View Full Version : Why Should People Blame Rawlings?

29th July 2012, 07:28 AM
In this world everybody has his opinion and judgement on everything that happens. There is a saying that when one walks, those at the back see that person better than himself.


Who liked Atta Mills more than the Rawlings. The man we are all blaming now imposed the demised person on his party and all those people around him now were very unhappy and even some went away and formed their own parties. Having realised that Mills was a cool chop they came back pushing the man into all levels of corruption. Rawlings kept cautioning; you were doing yourself harm than good, until he met his early death.

The fact is that all the people around him knew Mills was very sick and he needed to handover to another person. Because of the greediness they kept pushing him everywhere in order to make their money. Barely two weeks ago we all heard that the man died. It simply signified the fact he was very sick. I have suspected strongly that the man might have been on surviving drugs to come back to finish signing some documents and died off (Michael Jackson). Everybody including the close relatives might be aware of this fact.

Look, we have to develop; we need to be honest, we have to look at things objectively without that there would be no lessons to learn in this world. The presidential sit is terribly hot in Africa. Mills had been a very good Christian and might not be well fit for it. Mills did not take his bosses advice and he ended up this way, it is a probability! Everybody would die one day any way. May his soul rest in peace! I could not sleep for the past three days on hearing the news because of the shock.

Just like he Rawlings would have wished Mills listened to him, it is his turn to listen to us to opt out of Ghanaian politics. He has done his part. No need for any party NDP or whatsoever. Changes take time, you should not think you can do it all. It is our mentality where we value assets more than the very survival of the human race. The change you are expecting may come during the time of your great, great grandchildren. Concentrate on only the international missions and live long.

Source: Kporfor, Jacob/ghanaweb