View Full Version : Keep Off Becca, Rap Star Warns Samini

The Informer
12th November 2010, 09:24 PM
If there was one person who did not take it lightly when dancehall musician Samini revealed recently that he would have loved to ‘nail’ Becca, then it is emerging rap star, Trigmatic.

The My Life star told Showbiz that Samini should keep off Afro-Pop diva Becca because he has eyes for her and they currently get along very well. Trigmatic featured Samini on a song called Si Miaa on his ‘Permanent Stains’ album.

Reacting to the attention from her colleague artistes, the lady in contention, Becca said she is rather flattered by their statements.
“I see this as a way of expressing how they feel about me and I must say I am flattered. I simply see their positions as compliments. I am humbled and flattered that two fine colleagues of mine think this way about me. “They should like me for who I am and what I do so I think it is just natural people express the way they feel about others”, she said. “Asked if she also feel the same way towards any of the two musicians, the sultry singer said: “To be frank, I haven’t thought about that at all. I haven’t thought about any of them beyond work abut one can never say never.“They are all attractive in their special ways. They both have admirable physical attributes but as at now, I haven’t thought about them beyond work.

We just have to wait and see. In fact, I leave everything to God because He knows best. “Although I am friends with both of them, it is strictly work and I think the last time I saw Samini was when we worked on my Fire song. And with Trig, the last time I saw him was at his album launch. “However, Trig gave me a lovely watch for my birthday, I never thought of that gesture although I was a little surprised but I get loads of expensive gifts from people and I thought this was someone giving me a good gift. About what he is now saying, I can now figure out what it was all about.

He is just expressing how he feels about me and I feel flattered.”
The beautiful songbird, who is currently a level 300 student reading Operation and Project Management at Greenhill College in Accra, says although she is unattached, she is not searching too. “I am pretty much single right now but I am not searching. I am kind of busy with school and work but if love comes my way, I wouldn’t mind giving it a thought. I will deal with it”, she added.

Source: Showbiz