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22nd July 2012, 10:13 PM
Later that day, the three newly accepted asafo warriors were direted to the armoury to get their weapons for an afternoon patrol. They picked out akofenas, afowatsenas and placed them in their scabbards along with their matchetes and other weapons. As they left the armoury, they noticed Danso sharpening his akofena outside. Upon noticing them rush past, he waved at them.

'Arent you coming, Danso?' Twumasi asked.

'No, I'm part of the night patrols'. he replied. 'You three should hurry up. The captains don't like to be kept waiting, especially Captain Afua.'

A message was broadcast across the village that a kakai gate had opened near the Kima lake. Three companies rushed towards the lake side by side. Baaba was surprised at first to realise that she was moving just as quickly as the rest of them.'All those stamina building exercises have paid off',she smiled to herself. The pamo( banishment) weapons she wore felt weightless, compared to the training weapons she used during her asafo training.

Her smile vanished when she saw the kakai. These ones were more humanlike, only that some were completely pitch black and others bone white. They all carried afowatsenas, matchetes and plain akofenas. Even their elbows had blades. Suddenly 12 arrow length steel needles flew towards her face, forcing her to leap to her right at the last minute. Her eyes widened in shock as she realised that there were 12 f them all attacking at once!

Baaba drew out her matchetes and blocked a slash by one kakai from both sides. She slashed at it but the complete kakai dodged and thrusted an akofena at her throat, which she blocked. It exerted pressure on it's blade, its eyes expressionless. Baaba struggled to keep its blade and her own from reaching her throat.

Suddenly it released its grip and slashed upwards at her abdomen with it's steel clawed feet. Baaba leapt back, drew two arrows and released them at it. The kakai took one in the chest and turned its head to dodge the other. It then let out a barrage of its steel needles. Baaba leapt back, twirling her spear to deflect the attack and sped towards it from the right.

It attempted to block her attacks but she kept on attacking and dodging its slashes. From the corner of her eye, she observed her friends and the rest of the companies in similar one on one battles. The kakai slashed at her twice but hse dodged them and finally pierced it in the shoulder with her akofena. Pamo spirals spread across it's arm and she slashed at the kakai diagonally across its chest.

The spirals spread over its entire body and it vanished, leaving behind a gust of wind that blew up the leaves on the forest floor. Seconds later,another kakai leapt at her, its slashes forcing her back as it sidestepped most of her slashes. It slashed her right arm, drawing blood. She responded with five slashes of her own as she fell back. It raised a palm to raise steel needles but she slashed at it again, causing both of its arms to be covered in pamo spirals.

She swung her machetes at its abdomen but it spun to its right and kicked against her drawn machetes, sending her backwards. It slashed at her wildly and as she slashed at it after blocking several times. As the blade arched towards it, it suddenly caught the left machete in its teeth and snapped it by biting on it!

Slightly shaken, Baaba blocked its subsequent attacks with a machete and an akofena. As it moved even closer to her, she noticed its attack pattern and sidestepped its next attack. She thrust her akofena at its chest. Pamo spirals spread from the impact point and spread to cover half its body. It stumbled back under the blows she rained down on it, till it was completely covered in pamo spirals.

As soon as it was banished, Baaba noticed a serrated spear fast approaching from her left. She dodged by rolling to her left as the spear landed on the spot she had stood at seconds ago. Baaba righted herself and spun to dodge a kakai's steel needles, her asafo batakari spreading out as she threw a spear at the kakai. Even as it got it, it clutched at the kakai as half of it was covered in pamo spirals.She let off two arrows at its retreating form, banishing it completely.

Nearby, Twumasi stabbed a kakai and drove it into a tree with his spear, shaking off its leaves. He drew out an akorena and stabbed it in the head. There was a sizzle as the pamo spirals emerged on its skin and covered it completely. Two kakai rushed at him from the side but suddenly, took two arrows in the head, then in the necks and another two in their backs.
Naarkie sighed in relief that she had hit the kakai attacking Twumasi but suddenly spun backwards in time to prevent a forward slash from a kakai's akofena from beheading her.

She smashed through its blades and slashed its chest thrice, then noticed another kakai leaping towards her. Twumasi flung a spear at it, sending it back in midair. Twumasi blocked several blows from two kakai who attacked him together. He slashed at them with his machetes. Before a third kakai could move away, he slashed at it continuously, banishing it. He then rushed towards the kakai attacking in multiple directions with his spear. He stabbed one and dodged the remainder's synchronised attacks before banishing them as well, using his machetes.

Captain Afua literally walked past the kakai , slashing and banishing the kakai with a lone matchete, towards the kakai gate. A kakai rushed in from the side but without pausing , she slashed at it from head to toe, then deflected a steel needle barrage from the sides with both of her spears, before hitting the attacking kakai with them. A kakai, partially emerged from the gate and let off steel needles at her, but she deflected them and stabbed the gate with her akofena. Turning the akofena clockwise, the gates then abruptly closed.

Moments later, Asafo Captain Ntim closed two other gates as Vice captain Asabea banished the few remaining kakai. As Baaba received medical aid, she wondered how desperate kakai had to be to risk coming here to be banished.

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I have been following your story. Interesting read. Keep it up.

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Thanks for the feedback, MegaMeister. I'll post new parts of 'Ahinta Asafo' soon.