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22nd July 2012, 05:21 PM

The night was cold but that was lost on the asafo as they faced several kakai. A kakai slashed at Danso with an afowatsena, who blocked the attack with one machete and swung at the kakai with another, breaking through the kakai's blades and slashing it effortlessly. As he slashed at it from head to toe with the machete, spirals covered the kakai and it was eventually banished.

A kakai swung at Danso's neck but he nimbly spun away and rather struck it at the neck. He moved away as the kakai, now covered in spirals, vanished. Before 5 kakai could let off arrow length steel needles, he had already slashed at them with his akofena as he move past them in a blur of movement.

Steel needles flew past Kuukua as she sidestepped them and lunged at the kakai, breaking through its defenses and slashed it. She then deflected a serrated spear with her afowatsena and seconds late, let off three arrows at three different kakai, catching them in the chest. Just ahead of her, a kakai gate glowed in the dark and kakai began to emerge from it.

Just then, one asafo slashed through several kakai with her machetes, as she headed straight for the gate. In a blur of movement, Vuvor sidestepped the attacks of many kakai and cleared a path through the horde. She then reached the gate and stabbed the gate with her akofena. She turned her akofena, causing the gates to slide shut even as a kakai leapt at her....only to have her throw a machete to its head, instantly banishing it in midair.

Some kakai made a run for the next gate but two men wielding very long spears stabbed the kakai and drove them into trees, shaking the leaves off them . Five kakai took two arrows to the head, resulting in instant banishment. Minutes later, all the kakai had been banished and the two other gates had been sealed by the captains.

'Danso, are there any new kakai paths nearby?' asked Vuvor.

'No' replied Danso. 'I checked the school premises for kakai paths as well but there are no signs of them.'

'There is no risk that a kakai gate will open near the school' he said before switching off the 'phone' .It was really a handheld kakai path sensor, designed for use by the asafo.

'It seems that the other companies nearby are done with their patrols as well', noted a long haired woman who was now bandaging her hand. 'The number of kakai tonight were thrice the usual number like the gates.' In the past our predecessors faced two kakai from each gate every 5 months. '

'Now, it seems that every two or three days, the number of complete kakai keep increasing' she realised as the companies walked back to the village.

She had been training with them for days upon being accepted as an ahinta asafo, taking target practice on moving targets. She had also sparred with other asafo in three way fights, among others. Sooner or later, she might be called tobe part of a patrol unit.

There was a loud crack as an asafo fell back, her broken baton landing beside her. Baaba stood over the fallen asafo and wondered who was next in line to spar with her.

'All seven asafo who have sparred with her have been knocked down and have had their weapons broken' noted Danso from a distance.

There was a shout of approval as Naarkie got the bullseye on the 15th moving clay disk. Elsewhere, Twumasi brushed the dirt from his dress. 'Those two should be done by now , he noted, leaving behind seven defeated asafo with broken batons and arrows. As he walked through the village square, he noticed several asafo captains entering a large building with the adinkra symbol for strength emblazoned on the side.

Several asafo were gathered round a big noticeboard and spotting Baaba among them, he decided to see what it was about.

'What's happening?' he asked

'There is a list of extra units and patrol times. It must be due to the increase in kakai occurrences.' she replied.

The grand building was actually a combination of several hut like structures so that an aerial view made it look like a very big hut. To some, it was referred to as the 'Grand Hut' and it was there that the Supi met with the captains.

The increase in training camps and asafo facilities and units across the forest, the Supi began, 'may make us less hidden to the town but if we fail to stop the kakai, there may not be a town left.'

'Should we seal off the forest then, said a captain of the local police force. Given time I could...'

'No, said the Supi calmly, things are difficult as they are now. We must focus less on being covert and more on beefing up our defenses...and dealing with this problem in the long run.'

'Ato', her clear voice rang out, 'how is the Final Project coming along?'

'Terribly' admitted Ato. I still need to get the figures right and then get the devices to work properly by synchronising their functions. One mistake and things could be catastrophic.

'I see,' she said after a long pause. 'I have already decided that your wards must be on patrols. To avioid emotional sentiment, I have decided to use the same procedure that was prevalent in Captain Afua's case. Therefore, Baaba will be placed in the 4th company led by Afua. Twumasi will be placed in the fifth company under Kuukua and Naarkie will be placed in the 6th company under Ntim.

'We will implement all the measures to make our asafo even more efficient and effective than before immediately' We cannot let the kakai lay one claw on Etsii town