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21st July 2012, 03:19 PM
'We call them kakai." Baaba's mother began. She sat beside Baaba's hospital bed. Despite her assurances that she was fine, Vuvor, her mother, had insisted that the medics check for infections and Baaba's feet were bandaged like Twumasi. Naarkie's shouder wounds were also treated.

'They are beings from another world that have attacked our ancestors from the beginning of the settlement up till now, by emerging from those gates you three saw earlier. They are called kakai gates.'

'And you are a member of an asafo company that kills them?' asked Twumasi.

'Actually, there are 10 asafo companies, I am the asafo captain of the third one, and we don't kill them...to be more precise, we can't kill them!'

'Then what happened to that kakai we attacked?' asked Baaba.

'I think I can answer that,' said Naarkie rubbing her bandaged shoulder.'The first thing I learnt when I joined the asafo two days ago was that by emrging from another world, they are invulnerable to any fatalities in our world. The weapons of our world can't hurt them.'

'However they can be banished into the Spiral that keeps this world and theirs apart'. I didn't really understand the rest of what they taught that day'.

'Baaba, Vuvor contnued, 'when you slashed the kakai with the akofena, the trail of spirals you saw on it showed the severed link between the kakai and this world. When it was completeely covered in spirals, it vanished because it could no longer remain in this world since you had banished it completely. 'It, like many other kakai before it , is now part of the Spiral.'

'But how do your weapons banish them?' asked Twumasi.

'The weapons of banishment we use are forged from the regions of this forest where there are high concentration of kakai paths.' replied Vuvor. 'The gates are the openings of these paths' These weap[ons are the only tools we can use to banish kakai'.

There was a long silence as the three children tried to take it all in. 'It's clear that you asafo are separate from the mainstream asafo. Baaba noted.' This village that is twice as large as Etsii town and is completely hidden from the townspeople in this part of the forest. 'The fact that it is also swarming with asafo makes you some sort of ahinta asafo(hidden asafo), doesn't it?"

'It does' Vuvor agreed. 'You three, get some rest now'. Naarkie, Twumasi, your parents will come for you later in the evening'
I have to get back to Naarkie's unit. A kakai gate opened in their faces before they could join Naarkie'.

As she walked down the hallway of the village hospital, several asafo made room for her, in deference to her rank. A slender, young man in an asafo battledress, waited patiently at a bench at the end of the hall. He looked up as she sat beside him.

'How are they?' he asked.

'Relatively better than one of the units I just saw, Ato. No dislocated shoulders, or large slashes to the chest'. 'I used my authourity to buy me some time with them.'

'From what I've heard, he said, your company intervened before more kakai could kill them.' 'From one captain to another, thank you for saving my son'.

'From one childhood friend to another, ' She replied, 'If you hadn't detected the sudden appearance of the kakai gates, there wouldn't be any children to save. Thank you'.

'I trust that you used your pamo akofena(sword of banishment) to seal the gate and that path in the area. I'm concerned that a path developed there in the first place and the rate at which kakai gates have been opening . It shows that the 52nd worst case scenario has finally occurred. The Spiral, the one thing separating our world from that of the kakai is weakening!'