View Full Version : Nollywood Actress Tontoh Dike Justifies Her Role In "Soft xporn" Movie

11th November 2010, 12:12 PM
she says ''its a job that needed to be done'' In a new movie by Sanga Entertainment,actress Tonto Dikeh and host of others.

Muna Obiekwe got really explicit – kissing,spitting into each other’s mouth,going xporn,exposing xpussyxx and genitals in a flick titled ‘Dirty Secret’ .this movie also includes Gay scenes with the guys kissing each other.

Tonto took to her Twitter to defend her role in the movie, saying she was only being professional according to what is obtained in Hollywood,Slamming Critics as Pretenders.

I contacted the actress to find out why she went so far in interpreting a movie role and this is what she had to say

Stella---Tonto you recently acted alongside muna obiekwe and others in a movie titled dirty secret. This movie has been tagged soft xporn.tell us why you accepted this movie role

Tonto:---.Only the Ignorant and pretencious Souls would critize this Lovely movie ,It is a film,Its a job that has to be done,i accepted the script because when I see a good film in the making I appreciate it.

what everyone has seen is just a trailer and we all know trailers are suppose to be funfilled so as to attract viewers,so its allowed to be called a softporn at this stage. That movie is the deepest story line I've ever Read,its a movie most people can identify with:I love and appreciate all the hype around this movie.its all for my good because it is free publicity

Now everyone cant wait to see ther movie.i did it because I just couldnt resist the urge of being the artist to show the world what we humans live with in our society today,I did it because am a professional,i did it because this movie will touch/help many.
I did it bevause i am Tonto and i am proud to have done it.

Stella:....What has been the reaction from family and friends regarding this movie?

Tonto:....My family and friends realise that this is my job and whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well,so madam I ask you, what do you think?lame or civilized?tell me?

I didn't come into this industry to become anyone,i came to be myself and do my own thing.i am a big fan of my work and also a big critic.Am all about change and change is me.Anyone who feels offended ,please close your eyes when the movie is playing. I am passionate about my job am I'll go all the way for it.nollywood is my starting point.

Stella:..Muna was on top of you making love to you,were you turned on by him?did you
notice he was turned on?

Tonto:....We're human beings but with all those heavy duty lights on and almost 10people standing and watching how possible is it to get turned on?its like a Gynacolgist getting turned on with every patient he checks up.we're professionals and we handled the job as such.

Stella:...Were you naked under the sheets?

Tonto:....No!. never was totally naked,.i had on a special costume.

Stella:...if you are in a steady relationship how has your patner reacted to this movie?

Tonto:....No relationship, too many things I want to do and that would only slow me down now,its time to make history not emotions.

Stella:...thank you for your time tonto.

Tonto:...you are welcome stella.