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14th July 2012, 06:18 PM
At the asafo headquarters, Karikari trained with Dede. Dede noticed that despite his recent injuries, his fighting skill had improved after three days of intense training. They packed their weapons and stepped outside where the rest of Dede's handpicked team were waiting.

'Alright, Serwaa noted, we will take the usual path when leaving the village, stop at a shelter and then continue to mampam prison.' 'Are there any questions minus the fact that we are setting off so late in the night?"

'What are we going to do about the cycle?', asked Antwiwaa. 'At this time ,all the wild beasts of the forest try to assert their dominance over each other, espeically the tigers and wolves'.

'I can see you've been paying attention to your wildlife lessons, young osuani' However the cycle will begin in earnest by midnight and we should reach the shelter by then.'

The rain fell heavily that night but the Fatekeepers continued their march through the forest, their blue and white attire fluttering in the wind. Ama walked ahead of them, followed by the other mbrewanana. They were in turn followed by two asafo units led by Asamoah and the 'bushfire' units of the ahintafour led by Agyeiwaa. The corrupt police officials and the convicts came last. They soon came across a huge stone building.

'What is that?" asked Oti

'The previous Mampam prison' replied Ama. 'We will rest here for a while.' 'Oti, Araba, Afua and the other asuafo will help Ato carry the 30 arrows and bows. The rest of you, bundle the special powder and other weapons in'

Later that night, the three mbrewanana sat together , the light from the torches illuminating their faces. 'We must remember one thing, sisters',said Ama. 'There are eight particular groups of people that we must get out of Mampam'.

'Yes,we're aware' noted Adisa wearily, 'that 7 out of 8 groups will successfuly lead different teams in our attck against the village using the 10 paths. 'Even on their own, they're quite dangerous'.

'Even if we get only 4 groups, we can still manage, can't we?' noted Adwoa with a wide grin.'Correct', replied Ama. We'll spread the word tonight.'

'They are: Kyeiwaa the strongest asafo captain during the 1st civil war, the 5 obrafour under King Agor, the seven rogue asafo of the 2nd civil war, the war queen Baaba, the 3 rogue ahintafour of the first 'bushfire' contingent, the 5 rogue local force okofour(warriors), the rogue abrewanana Kuukua and her brother, Panin(Elder) Baffour and Asafo Badu's parents, Sika and Abakan.

'We all agree on what must happen should the last two prove to be uncooperative, don't we?" asked Ama

'Yes, agreed Adwoa solemnly, 'there's no way around it'