View Full Version : Nigeria Retailers Beg For More Time To Comply With GIPC Law

4th July 2012, 10:19 PM
Some Nigerian retailers are asking for more time to be able to meet the requirement for foreign retail trading in the country.

The Ghana Investment promotion law bars foreign traders from retailing unless they invest an initial capital of $300,000.

An inter agency taskforce on Tuesday closed down shops of foreigners for illegally engaging in the retail trade in the central business district of Accra.

The exercise is taking place in spite of efforts by the ECOWAS Parliament delegation which is currently in Ghana to intervene on behalf of ECOWAS nationals.


Speaking to XYZ News President of the Nigerian Community in Ghana, Albert Bayor appealed to the government of Ghana to relax its stance.

“We met all Nigerians in Ghana and we are trying to register their businesses”, Mr. Bayor said adding “what we are just asking is that if they can give us more time at least by then we would be able to register and meet the requirement of the GIPC”.

The Inter Agency Taskforce is made up of officials from the Registrar Generals Department, Ghana Investment Promotion Center and the Ghana Revenue Authority.

Source: Radioxyzonline