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2nd July 2012, 07:46 AM
'Serwaa of the 10000 proverbs' your timing is perfect ,as usual noted a long grey haired council member.'I take it that you are aware of the crisis'.

'Yes, on my way back from my travels across the land, I was informed that 10 of our number are comatose, several council members are still receiving intensive care and that Ama, my mate and two other mbrewanana are responsible for this'.

'Despite this as mbrewanana, we must prevent our misguided sisters from causing further harm to the village'. ' From my journeys, I can conclude that this is only the first stage of a full blown war with this village.'

'And how will we be able to accomplish this,', questioned the head. 'We have no idea where they are and what they plan to do next'

'During the attack, only the archives and stores of the royals were given an unusual amount of focus. 'Almost as if they were intent on burning them down at all costs, leaving nothing behind.' I intend to have other mbrewanana as as well as asuafo like Aba examine the two buildings to find out why this was the case'. 'Perhaps it may give us an indication of their next move.'