View Full Version : PHOTO: 21-Year-Old Man Kills Dad With Pickaxe

19th June 2012, 08:29 PM
Anas Adam, a 21-year-old gardener, on the eve of Fathersí Day hacked his 65-year-old father to death with a pick-axe.

The father, Adam Abdulai, was sleeping in his room, in the sprawling Mamobi suburb of Accra when his son allegedly carried out the heinous crime.

The suspect said he was driven to commit the dastardly act by a spirit.

MADNESS! Anas Adam holding the pickaxe with which he killed his father, Adam Abdulai

ďA spirit pushed me into killing my father,Ē he said soon after spilling the old manís blood.

When news about the unusual incident broke, the scene turned into a Mecca of a sort, with curious neighbours thronging the location to witness the spectacle.

Although most of them could not see the corpse, they relished the gossip which usually erupted at such places.

The suspect, around 11:00pm on that fateful day, June 16, 2012, entered his fatherís room without invitation, clutching a pickaxe perhaps in response to the bidding of the spirit which he claimed pushed him into murdering his father.

Without provocation, he inflicted a fatal strike to the left side of his fatherís head, as the latter lay on a pillow, leaving a deep cut through which the old manís brain matter gushed out.

After the heinous crime, he hid the deadly pickaxe and took leave of the scene.

There was also a pool of blood around the corpse when it was finally discovered.

After inflicting the fatal cut on his father, the suspect was gripped by an uncontrollable stress which was visible on his countenance, but with nobody noticing the havoc he had caused.

When day broke, he went to his place of work, but upon returning around 4:00pm, he visited his fatherís room where the man still lay dead with rigor mortis already setting in.

Almost confused, he approached his fatherís nephew, Aziz, with a story about the state in which he found his father when he entered the room.

Both men entered the room and the alarm which was raised thereafter on seeing the corpse in a pool of dried blood attracted the attention of people both within the house and the neighbourhood.

The suspectís attempt to flee was thwarted by a team led by the Assemblyman for the area, following which he was handed over to the Nima Police, who had since detained him as they proceed with investigations.

The relationship between the deceased and his son was said to have been cordial with no trace of disharmony. However, it was speculated he could have been using a narcotic substance.

The remains of the deceased have already been deposited at the Police Hospital morgue awaiting autopsy.

The Mamobi murder has fueled further queries about the rising incidence of killings in the country, especially spousal murders and suicides.

Source: A.R. Gomda/D-Guide