View Full Version : Is Ghana really being led by a law professor?

10th June 2012, 12:20 PM
Recent reports and happening pushed me to be asking this question over and over again: “Is Ghana really being led by a law Professor?” You wonder why the question? I will tell you. I will air it.

On the 5th of June, 2012, I flew into the web and landed on myjoyonline.com and a report with the title “Woyome walks free” smiled at me. I didn’t return the smile. I frowned.

Wayome walks free? What the hell and what the fraud?! How can a man who whether legally or illegally tried to fleece this dear nation of ours of a gargantuan amount of money be allowed to walk free? My instinct told me it was some judicial tactic being played. And it was.

John Evans Atta Mills, President of Ghana

Less than an hour later, another report (this time at modernghana.com) surfaced about Woyome being re-arrested, alone. The frown on my face deepened.

What at all is wrong with our Judiciary, our Executive and our lawyers? Why can’t we allow honesty to reign supreme? Why not be legally pragmatic?

We have a President who tried to stop the controversial payment but failed because there were some vultures around who wanted it to go ahead for certain reasons. We have a Judiciary which has in the last 7 or 8 years passed certain judgments that are bound to baffle both law students and non-law students like me (with my judicial and legal ignorance).

We have a President who in an attempt to imitate or better a certain past president (who returned from a trip abroad to interfere in a court case) stretched out his executive arm and toyed with the judicial cat in the Jake-bungalow case. A typical case of there being many ways of killing a cat as one his own politicians once postulated?

We have a President who is “soooooooo” gentle that, so much so that, his gentleness is mistaken for gullibility. And bad minds are ever ready to act as if they are the ones who were elected as President.

We have a President who has seemingly lost control of the bus and all sort of people are having a shot at steering the wheel.

We also have a major opposition party which somehow (knowingly or unknowingly) legalized corruption and interference with the Judiciary, whether attempted or not, when she was in power.

We have minor opposition parties which aren’t sure about what they are doing. Some are headed by men who deserted their parent parties to form a new one, simply because they were not leaders enough to know that a leader must sometimes act like a servant and let others lead.

We have a political system (multi-party democracy) which enables any clown to fancy himself and think that he could lead any party into power and perform as averagely as he can.

Is there hope for Ghana? Is Ghana really being led by a law professor?

From: Stanley Courage Dugah / scdugah@yahoo.com

10th June 2012, 05:17 PM
Being a Law professor does not justify leadership!!!