View Full Version : National Service inquiries dominates Google searches in October

3rd November 2010, 08:50 AM
Google Ghana Monday announced its monthly Internet search trends results.

It showed an incredible increase in the number of Google searches in October related to “national service”, as thousands of tertiary graduates eagerly sought their national service placements.

Google Zeitgeist explores the billions of search queries received by Google each month, and highlights the top trends. In October, the fastest rising searches may characterize Ghanaians’ ambition and their quest for new opportunities. Variations of national service search terms included “nss posting” and “nss ghana”.

National service creates future career opportunities for recent graduates and also gives youth the opportunity to become change agents in society. Historically, national service searches spike twice a year --a major spike in October and a slight one in May. National service searches rise in October because this is when graduates learn where they will be working in the coming year. Searches also rise in May when registration for the programme opens.

Ghana’s fastest Rising Searches in October

American Lottery
National Service Posting
nss postings
nss ghana
DV Lottery
National Service

Commenting on this month’s result, Estelle Akofio-Sowah of Google Ghana, said, “Ghana’s young people are crafting their own futures. This trend for this month confirms the industrious spirit of our youth and Ghanaians in general. Today, the Internet gives Ghanaians from all walks of life access to information, and a level playing field to seek opportunity and success.”

Anyone can use Insights for search to come up with their own rankings by visiting http://google.com/insights/search/ and Trends http://www.google.com/trends

Source: Africa Practice