View Full Version : Lagos Plane Crash: Nigeria Mourns Victims

The Informer
4th June 2012, 01:14 PM
Three days of mourning have begun in Nigeria for more than 150 people killed when their plane crashed in the main city of Lagos.

The Boeing MD-83 ploughed into a printing works and residential buildings before bursting into flames.

Rescue workers have been at the scene through the night.


Everyone on board the aircraft died. There were also casualties on the ground, but it is not yet known how many people were killed.

The airliner, operated by Lagos-based company Dana Air, had flown in from the capital, Abuja, when it crashed and burst into flames.

It came down in the Iju area, just north of the airport.

Casualties on the ground may have been minimised because it was Sunday and the buildings were likely to have been empty.

In a statement, President Goodluck Jonathan said he had ordered the "fullest possible" investigation into the crash.

Source: BBC