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Asafo captain Dede spoke first, ‘This morning, I received a report that one of our nkwasrafo(spies) had overheard plans to attack the village from obour prison.’ Two asafo units were sent to the prison but were apparently ambushed before they could even enter the prison!’

The nkatahofour head,ocloo, spoke,”My subordinate, pokuaa, also informed the asafo that this was the work of the fate keepers, and that asafo captain asamoah and her colleague,agyeiwaa were in league with them. It should be assumed that at least two other asafo units under his command ,helped the convicts to quickly vacate the premises as well as attack the asafo before they could get there.

‘what is the state of the prison now?” asked oforiwaa. ‘completely damaged’ replied abeiku, head of the village police.’the holding cells,the armoury and the posts have completely collapsed’. ‘The entrance is partly blocked by boulders. Most of the prison sentries,including the warden are currently trapped underneath piles of rabble. ‘we are still working on getting all the personnel out of there”

‘the fate keepers then set fire to several grass paths, farms as well as engaged in battles with some asafo units, continued dede. ‘ fifteen farms are estimated to have been set on fire’. ‘they attacked in a pattern that separated asafo units from each other.’they then attacked the guards at the village entrance and set fire to 20 huts, as well as the asafo quarters, the grand kitchen, the music hut among others.

‘how were they able to move through the village so quickly?’ thought oforiwaa. Most of the village police were within the gates at that time, couldn’t they have offered some resistance?’ she asked.

‘They were also fighting traitors among themselves, ‘princess, replied abeiku grimly. ‘according to the reports from my officers, the mbrewanana , elders and other personalities were attacked simultaneously by the fate keepers, each one led by an abrewanana!

Daavi, head of the royal guard spoke, ‘in light of these attacks, reinforcements were doubled at the palace. It was noted that no flaming arrows were sent towards it. There were concerns that it was an attempt to usurp the throne. ‘however,… he paused ,head slightly bowed.
‘ Two royal guards entered the royal chambers and on the pretense of revealing vital information, attacked me, cut in oforiwaa calmly. ‘They noticed something was wrong moments later but by then I had already used the first step of the war dance to defeat them, she reflected.

‘from what we’ve gathered , those two were regular guards and until that time, they had shown no suspicious or unusual behavior, continued daavi. Moments later the royal archives were broken into and 20 out of 30 historical tablets were stolen. The archive was then set on fire but on the arrival of other okofour(warriors),it was quickly put out leaving it partly burnt.

‘ They then escaped, meeting later on a hill, and were last spotted by my niece leaving for an unknown location’,said dede. Our attempts to follow proved futile since by the time most of the fires were put out, they were long gone by the afternoon. According to reports, the damage to the village will take weeks to repair, even with the combined might of the royal guard, the asafo , the local police and other bodies.’

‘I see, oforiwaa said, ‘ call off any units that attempt to pursue the fate keepers.’our primary focus is on finding out exactly what happened and rebuilding the village…for now’.’the royal guard will assist in reconstruction works , along with the other security forces. Those unable to get shelter for themselves will be sheltered in the palace. ‘all royal resources, be it money, furniture, food will be supplied to the people at selected posts.

‘captain Abeiku, she ordered, ensure that any possible riots, disorderly conduct and robberies are dealt with quickly.’ You are authorized to borrow as many resources as you can to do this.

‘Nkwasrafo captain ocloo, are there any signs that the surrounding villages are bracing themselves to launch an attack on us?’ oforiwaa asked.

‘no, there aren’t any signs of such activities from those villages. ‘however our military might may have been diminished by this event and our borders are less secure than they used to be’ replied ocloo.

‘let us know, if there is the slightest hint that they will break the Great Settlement pact’,said oforiwaa. ‘the last thing we need now is an attack from another village’.

After all but daavi had dispersed, oforiwaa asked,’what is the situation on my parents’ safety?” ‘according to the nkatahofour, they were supposed to have returned this morning from talks with ka village but on hearing of the attacks, the royal guards with them insisted that they remain in the shelter in one of the rainforests they were traveling through.’ replied daavi. ‘They are all safe and sound.’

Oforiwaa sighed in relief.’ This disaster happened when they left for trade talks and left the village in my care’, she later reflected.’ Its now my duty to resolve this issue and make this village safe again’ she decided as she left for her private chambers to rest, but not to sleep.

At midnight, the fate keepers arrived at a shelter in the midst of a forest.’Agyeiwaa was right ,after all, noted abrewanana adisa.’ The abandoned royal shelter seems big enough to serve as a temporary base for us.

‘Heii, Agyeiwaa!, barked Oti, why is it situated so far away?’ because of that, we’ve had to walk from afternoon to midnight. ‘Couldn’t you pick one that was nearer to the village and save us the trouble of trekking here?”

‘Oti, replied Agyeiwaa , this was the only abandoned royal shelter that has not fallen into decay or being turned into a den of thieves. It took me two years to find it without allowing pokuaa to discover what I was doing or why.’ And stop complaining about walking so much, no one else is doing so and in case you have forgotten, we had to carry you half of the way when you ate eight poisoned berries! ‘

‘You should be more careful, Oti warned Araba grimly’. I will not tolerate any more silly mistakes that will make things more difficult for us’.

I..I’m sorry, Asafo vice captain Araba, it won’t happen again’, said Oti. ‘ I have to remind myself to be on her good side, he warned himself, she is extremely ruthless,. and if I’m not careful, she might render me comatose just like her former captain.

‘ She is different from Asamoah, noted Agyeiwaa uneasily. ‘I know her dedication to orders and her ruthlessness is what makes her a vital part of our group, but still my instincts….
Agyeiwaa, said araba grimly, don’t move! Agyeiwaa’s eyes widened as she noticed araba draw out her sekan(machete) and swing it at her shoulder! Agyeiwaa stiffened for the impact, then realized there wasn’t any. She then noticed a dead tarantula sliced in half at her feet and araba wiping it’s blood off her machete

‘ Pay attention to your surroundings’, nkwasrafo, araba warned. ‘My warning to Oti extends to you too ’she warned.

Seeking to break the tension in the air by araba’s behavior, ato asked ama,’how did you know about these royal shelter things and what are they for?’

‘Whenever the royals had to take a long journey, they had these structures built beforehand to rest before and after their arrival in the next village replied ama. ‘adwoa,adisa and I learnt about them during our travels with the previous royal family as their temporary counselors.

‘Oti, araba and agyeiwaa will help you to move the weapons and other supplies into the chambers’ , said adwoa quietly.

As they began to sort themselves out, Adisa said to Ama, ‘It will take us a day or two to be fully rested and prepared for the next attack’. ‘The supplies are in good shape and the quarters are tidy and neat, just as I planned.

‘Good’, Ama noted, ‘it would have been disappointing to arrive here to find it dirty and run down” I’m a bit impatient to find our new recruits and complete our fighting force.

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Have enjoyed the story so far...waiting to see how the village recovers from this attack and subsequent ones....

Good job Acheampong