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28th May 2012, 11:01 AM
Rev Julius Akama, Clerk, Ho Presbytery of the Global Evangelical Church, on Sunday said the make-believe supplications of Christians in both words and songs do not engender the goodwill of God towards them.

According to him, both inner and outward attitudes must combine with piety, in whatever form, for worshippers to attract the attention of God.

Rev Akama was delivering the sermon at an induction ceremony of Rev Seth Theodore Kwasi Dzokoto, as the Priest of the Bethel Global Evangelical Church Parish, at the SSNIT Flats, in Ho.

He said there was a detachment between many Christians and God because while they professed God loudly in words, their hearts were far away from him (God).

Rev Akama also expressed concern about the craving among many Christians for divination from so-called Pastors, some with strings of accolades.

Rev Dzokoto, a Lecturer in Engineering at the Ho Polytechnic, said he would actively push the Churchís agenda of corporate infrastructural, group and personal development, as well as evangelism, forward, to make the Parish resonate among the Christian community in the country.

He paid glowing tribute to priests before him for their great works, which he would build on.

Rev Dzokoto was among the first batch of 12 actively working people to be trained as priests under the Churches modular pastoral training scheme.

Source: GNA

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28th May 2012, 06:04 PM
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