View Full Version : Woman fined 650 for whistling

26th May 2012, 12:46 PM
A German woman has been fined for blowing a whistle down the telephone at a call-centre worker.

The woman, 61, from Pirmasens in Rhineland-Palatinate had got fed up with a constant stream of cold-calls to her house.


But she ended up in court and was fined the equivalent of 650 after she damaged the hearing of her victim.

The unnamed woman told a judge in a local court that she was so annoyed by the unending stream of marketing calls that she snapped and blew a whistle into the receiver.

She was hoping just to deter the company from calling her again, but ended up convicted of bodily harm after giving the female call-centre employee hearing problems and tinnitus.

The woman initially challenged the fine but decided to pay it shortly before an appeal hearing was due to be heard.

From: Orange.com