View Full Version : Blind commentator doesn't miss a ball (Aint Football news... but kinda kuul though)

1st November 2010, 06:57 PM
A cricket commentator in Zimbabwe keeps his listeners up to date with every ball - despite the fact that he is blind.

Dean Du Plessis' acute sense of hearing and his eavesdropping on other commentators help him overcome his disability, reports the Daily Telegraph.

He listens to the speed and spin of the ball, along with the players' exertions and their cries of elation or frustration. He senses the excitement - or otherwise - of the play on the cricket field and collates the scores with a computer-like memory.

In the media area at Harare's Country Club sports field, other journalists see the ball soar skyward after a sharp crack on the bat.

"That's a big one. It's gone for six," said the 33-year-old Mr Du Plessis, his opaque eyes gazing into the distance. It has, flying way out of the field.

In a faster-moving sport like football, Mr De Plessis' feat would be impossible. He asks a friend to confirm the score on the board and feeds the latest to state radio.

"I have to ensure I am totally accurate," he said. "I'm generally spot on or very close. I think I have a pretty big hard drive in my head."

Source: orange news