View Full Version : Girl, 16, kills herself after becoming convinced the world was about to end

18th May 2012, 09:42 PM
A teenager hanged herself after becoming convinced the world would end in 2012 after researching doomsday scenarios on the internet, an inquest heard.

Schoolgirl Isabel Taylor, 16, turned to Buddhism after becoming fed up with the 'complications and injustice' of the modern world.

But while searching for answers she began researching doomsday scenarios - becoming convinced a nuclear reactor meltdown would end civilization in the coming months.

She had researched on the internet how to overdose but was found hanged in her bedroom by her mother.

Yesterday her parents Gary, 51, and Ingrid, 48, said in a statement:

'We have questioned and searched our hearts to try to find an answer to why Isabel went down this devastating path.

'She yearned for an uncomplicated and perfect world where every living thing would be valued and at peace.

'But the simple and perfect world she sought, where all living things would be treated with compassion and equality, was never going to materialize.

'Unfortunately the future for her in her eyes must have seemed very bleak.

'Sadly there were too many bad points for her to contend with and the lure to opt out was too compelling.

'We can only conclude that she wasn't prepared to adjust to adulthood with all the complications, injustice and, for her, unhappiness that came with it.'

The couple, of Neston, Wiltshire, said Isabel had begun making flippant remarks that the world would end soon.

Mr Taylor, a retired civil servant, said: 'We were aware of the 2012 issue. She would mention it around the dinner table.

'We would take it on board and say we didn't think that was going to happen Isabel, and try to make light of it and move conversation onwards.

Increasing numbers of websites devoted to 2012 doomsday scenarios have sprung up online, centred on claims the Mayans believed this is the year the world will end.

In France a tiny village named Bugarach has seen visits from doomsday devotees, claiming it will survive any apocalypse event.

The inquest at Trowbridge Town Hall, Wiltshire, heard how Isabel was concerned about 'injustices' in the world and had converted to Buddhism in Spring 2011.

From: Dailymail.co.uk