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17th May 2012, 01:42 PM
Robin Van Persie would be justified in snubbing a new deal and leaving Arsenal this summer — according to rapper and Gunners fan Lethal Bizzle.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with SunSport, the grime star admitted he would not begrudge Dutchman Van Persie leaving as he “deserves to be winning medals”.

The North London-born Ghanaian also revealed his close ties to stricken Bolton star Fabrice Muamba and his collaboration with Arsenal midfielder and close pal Emmanuel Frimpong.

TB: How confident are you of Arsenal finishing in third?

LB: It's looking very tight right now. It's even more worrying because the team that's chasing us are our arch rivals. We can do it. It's in our blood and it's destiny — Tottenham aren't supposed to finish above us. It's been nerve-wracking but we always come through in the end.

What do you make of Arsenal's season?
It's been a rollercoaster. I was down in the dumps at the start of the season. It was an absolutely horrendous start when we lost to Man Utd with a rugby score.

I'm close with a lot of the Arsenal boys and I could feel that morale was very low. The Nasri situation should have been sorted out before the start of the season and I think it was one of the reasons we had such a bad start.

But we've turned it around and in Wenger we trust. It looks like we might not win anything again but we're getting closer. Something needs to happen fast, though.

Is it time to splash the cash?
Key signings need to be made because if not a lot of necks are going to be on the line. If not, Wenger could be in trouble.

We can't just keep going on not winning trophies. We're making money for the board but what does that do for the club?

I love Wenger but in all honesty I think he needs to bring another No2, someone with another opinion. We play great football but only one style of football and there are times we get beat because they sus out how we play.

How confident are you that Robin van Persie will sign a new deal?

I think he wants to stay, no doubt about it, but it depends on the activity through the summer.

He's one of the most loyal and coolest people I've ever met but with his quality and clout he deserves more. Even if he did leave, I couldn't even be that upset because he deserves to be winning trophies and medals.

Are you excited about the potenital signing of Lukas Podolski?

I'm excited about Podolski but it seems like he might be another development striker. We need ready-made players now — none of this 'for the future' stuff.

The one thing with Arsenal is we have evolved in so many ways but not when it comes to player spending. Right now, you have to go and put £25m-30m where your mouth is to get a top striker. We're selling players for that much, now we need to spend that much.

You're good mates with Emmanuel Frimpong. How's he getting on with his recovery from anterior cruciate ligament injury?

He's doing his rehab at the minute and it's going really well — I swear that guy's not human! He had an operation and two weeks later he was walking, driving, coming round to my house and chilling out.

He's in Ghana at the moment but he said he should be back for the beginning of next season. I'm releasing a song called 'Leave It, Yeah' and Emmanuel is one of the MCs on it along with three or four others.

It was quite embarrassing because on Twitter I asked who has the best verse on the record and everyone was saying Frimpong!

I know you grew up in the same area as Fabrice Muamba — are you mates?

I don't know him personally, but he went to school with my little brother and they were mates. I think Fabrice was a couple of years older when they went to school in Walthamstow.

I used to always hear about this guy called Fabrice who was supposed to be an amazing player. Everyone used to talk about him. We've got a lot of mutual friends and know of each other.

He's superman right now. I was devastated to see what happened to him. We were all round my house, me and Frimpong, watching the game and we were like 'what's going on?'

It was so sad to see but the recovery has been remarkable. It's a miracle.

If you were a professional footballer, which player would you be most like?

Arsenal fans are going to kill me for this, but I used to be good at left-wing like Gareth Bale. I was very quick and had a natural left-foot, leaving right-backs for dust.

Who is the best footballer you know in the music biz?

Olly Murs. He could have played professional. I remember when we played Soccer Six in the Sun team with Gordon Smart. Olly was popping them from all over the place.

Ghana win the World Cup or Arsenal wins the Champions League. What would you prefer?

Flippin' hell. That's hard. I would say Ghana winning the World Cup because it would have more of an impact and change a lot more lives for the country. It would put the spotlight on the country which still goes through a lot of poverty.

If you had to write the World Cup song for England, what would it be called?

“This time”.