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Aba:Abrewanana osuani part 7
There was a a series of loud crashes as the royal storage facilities were raided in addition to the royal archives by the fate keepers leaving smoke in their wake. An osuani with braided hair gave orders to set alight the buildings once they were done. Watching closely,Abrewanana Adwoa noted that they were done since all the necessary items had been gathered.she rubbed the bruise that an enraged elder had given her on the arm before she defeated the elders completely.’they would have gotten in the way,she mused.’we’re done here,she said loudly,let’s proceed to the rendezvous with the others.

Already she began to notice heavy reinforcements racing towards the village square.almost silently, they swiftly used a secret route behind the archives,escaping detection from the police and the asafo. ‘Almost there ,gasped Aba,as the group raced towards the clearing ,devoid of flames.as they quickly took a break on a fallen tree,aba thought,’the people who attacked akos,could they be responsible for this,after all,according to dede, no one knows how many they are or how many weapons they have.

After a brief silence,akos asked grimly,’what are we going to do if the village is completely destroyed,aba?”impossible, said one of the asuafo,the asafo won’t let that happen…they won’t’.’In any event,said antwiwaa calmly,'we have to stay here for a while,to figure things out.'If we get attacked by more people than we can handle,it may be best to surrender. 'I see….’no,she said,shaking her head, I can’t think about that now. She noticed a growing pain from the scald on her arm and winced as she touched it.

Suddenly she noticed ,in the reflection of a large puddle of water, six large arrows coming their way. They watched in horror as they landed around them and began to set the foliage aflame. Through the fast rising smoke, aba noticed two figures flanked by several archers in blue and white attire, standing on a nearby hill. A third figure joined them. Aba suddenly recognized the one in the middle.’that’s abrewanana ama’ She realised in shock.’this isn’t right, why is she with them,why…..as the truth dawned on aba, ama turned to abrewanana adwoa and said, ‘this level of damage is acceptable to our plans, adwoa.’did you get the information and equipment we need? Yes, I did,replied adwoa with certainty.mm, good, noted ama, .she gave aba an indifferent glance before signaling to the others to leave,following shortly after.

’Yeii,exclaimed adisa teasingly in mock dread, I think your former osuani(apprentice) just realized that you’re behind today’s events.’’it’s of no consequence,replied ama gently and by the way ,it was reckless of you to fix the osuani selection to include an osuani this month as well as instruct sumina to target her directly to test her potential.’ Pausing briefly,she continued,’your actions nearly gave the village a chance to figure out our plans’.I apologise...began adisa,'it was also pointless, continued Ama in the same calm tone of voice, 'despite her intelligence and physical prowess,she lacks the ruthlessness of the other asuafo to carry out our plans.'So, in other words, the asuafo we gathered last month were enough. stated adisa meekly.'Exactly' said Ama cooly.'However, I guess your recent efforts more than make up for your mistakes,she added.'where exactly are we going to stay now,'asked Adwoa. 'Several kilometres from here,beyond the three hills,replied ama,'I believe Agyeiwaa and her team have checked twice to make sure that we do not face any interferences.' 'how soon can we initiate the next strike?", asked Ato, the weapons maker.'As soon as we unpack and make the neccessary arrangements at the grove,replied Ama.

Looking back at the village,a faint smile spread across Ama's lips.'Now we are only two steps away from our goal,she thought. The smoke was everywhere now and Aba realised that this meant the flames would soon reach them. Coughing profusely, she desperately tried to think of a way out.'that hill's too steep to climb,she realised. Suddenly, the smoke began to clear,followed by loud shouting in the distance.Aba recognised clear orders given by dede and soon saw her and several others battling to put out the flames with sand and water.As they walked back to the village square, Aba told Dede everything she had seen.'So, mbrewanana(plural of abrewanana) are behind today's attacks.All around them, there were efforts to put out fires and treat wounded persons lying on the ground.

Dede was soon reminded of similar scenes she had witnessed during the wars between the various groups before the village was formed. She was pulled back to the presentby the appearance of two asafo, daavi and duku, who both reported that it seemed three mbrewanana influenced the attack on the village,according to accounts from the elders and other mbrewanana.' spread the word that all asafo are to work with the police and the royla guard in helping the civilians to restore the village'she ordered.'assist with anything,repairs ,first aid, whatever,you can do ,she orderd.yes,asafo captain dede, they said
before leaving.

Later that evening, Aba and her friends watched grimly as dying fires were put out by the villagers and the sound of hammering echoed in the distance.'they've been at this all day and yet, wondered Aba ,clenching her fist, I can't shake off the despair and sorrow people feel about what has happened here.''it surrounds the village and is similar to the smoke that engulfs it."she noted before shaking her head and continuing to work with the others on a hut. Occassionally, there were sounds of grief and pain,mixed in with the sounds of repairs. Those who were silent stared into the night sky ,their expressions blank. Conversations were made in low tones and some walked slowly,nearly swaying from side to side.The feeling of defeat and helplessness seemed to be felt throughout the village,even into the palace.

Princess Oforiwaa watched the rest of the village from a window that evening. Asafo captain dede, vice captain karikari and two members of the mbrewanana council, the heads of the nkatahofo akwansrafo,the police among others stood behind her.After a deep sigh that echoed grief and pain, she turned round ,declining to sit and said,'sons and daughters of the land,what are your reports on the situation so far?'

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Acheampong, i think you have a nice writing flair. You are very creative and i particularly like the way you tease and tantalise the story effortlessly, culminating in such a fine gem of work. Keep it up and keep writing more.

16th May 2012, 04:07 PM
Thanks for the encouragement,neoxiang and the writing tips. I plan to continue posting more stories on the aftermath of the attack on the village soon.