View Full Version : Are Apple's products really unique, or is their success just a result of great marketing?

The Informer
14th May 2012, 09:49 PM
Yes, Apple's product are truly unique (except it does have a few duds like the server, the Apple III, and the Newton in its past). Apple pays far more attention to detail and design than other firms. Many have written about this. I'd like to also point out that "marketing" can also mean product marketing, not just brand marketing. Apple excels at both, but great product marketing makes devices like the iPad possible.

There were other tablets before the iPad, and yet the iPad broke new ground and virtually single-handedly killed the netbook while establishing a new market. The iTunes ecosystem is also a clear example of future-oriented product marketing. Uniqueness for its own sake is not that important; what's important is to bring out a high-quality product that clearly provides value. That's Apple.

I would like to hear from those in the android camp. What sayest thou?