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8th May 2012, 10:47 PM
Its everywhere thought aba and her friends. It seemed like they were surrounded by burning foliage.however aba soon noticed a path yet to be reached by the flames and shedding the fear and horror that engulfed her being seconds ago, directed the group’s attention to this.They quickly rushed through the path, moving silently,each alone with their own thoughts.Adisa was in front,her thoughts solely on getting out of there.”If the village is under attack,then..then…’she thought,her mind still struggling to adjust to their situation. In the distance, they spotted two lone figures,their backs turned to them. As they got nearer, Adisa realized they had the same blue and white markings on them,with an adinkra symbol she could not yet identify dotted ontheir clothes. ‘Adisa, Aba yelled, be careful,those are the fate keepers.’As they suddenly turned and rushed her. Despite this, she suddenly sped towards the one in front and leapt at her. Adisa knocked her down ,her head colliding with her chin. She grabbed the first person’s fallen war staff just in time to block a strike from the second one. The impact drove her back and almost sent her sprawling.

As Adisa shakily regained her balance, the second fate keeper prepared to strike at her again but had to dodge several several warstaffs that had been flung at her by other members of the group. Aba’s thrown staff knocked the staff from the fate keepers loose grip.Defenseless, they all sprung at her, prepared to take her down.however she foresaw this and leapt back,dodging their attack and picked up her fallen ally before dashing away.there was a slight crack above them as a tree branch fell, part of it landing on aba’s top. She quickly brushed it off, the embers scalding her skin. The flames soon spread beginning to separate them, from their attackers. Coughing profusely, they picked up speed aware that the path behind them was becoming involved in flames. As they moved closer towards each other, badu swung his scabbard not at araba but at her matchete.’so,araba realized, ‘he intends to either sheate the matchete and knock me down with both or simply knock it out of my hands. ’. badu’s eyes widened in horror as her matchete continued to move towards him,it’s speed clearly surpassing that of his scabbard.
It angled towards his neck for what seemed like an eternity,it’s wielders eyes clear and expressionless. Suddenly, there was a blur of movement and it was gone along with araba! Badu resumed breathing as a loud thud echoed on his far right, still in shock at what had happened.

Turning to look, he saw araba and Asamoah sprawled on the ground and struggling to rise.”what just happened, he thought.wasn’t asamoah fighting with karikari?. He turned to look at karikari, who also looked equally stuuned for standing beside him, her hands still outstretched was dede and agyeiwaa,with a group of tougher looking asafo! karikari reflected on what he had just seen. Asamoah had just been about to stab him when dede and her group sprung out of the bushes. Before he even had time to react , she seized him by the throat and flung him at araba who was fighting badu after a brief glance at their fights!'Incredible',gasped karikari, as dede pulled him to his feet.’ He’s received multiple shoulder wounds but he’ll manage,dede surmised as she turned her attention to asamoah and araba who rose to their feet.’fall back',called asamoah to the group as they began to edge away from dede and her team.’she’s faster and more stronger than I imagined, thought araba. We’ll have to…”seize them,ordered dede to her team, don’t let them escape with the information they have about this disturbance. Suddenly, flaming arrows landed in the clearing between them,separating the two groups by a wall of fire.’that’s the signal,lets move called Asamoah as he and the others escaped. Dede realized in shock that the arrows had been fired from the village square!

The chaos occurred without warning. One moment, the village square was peaceful, the next moment flaming arrows rained down on the village,burnig everything and everryon e the y touched.The guards at the village entrance did their best but they were soon overpowered by the combination of arrows and armed convicts led by Sumina.those who tried to resist were knocked down and huts,farms were set alight. Don’t get carried away,warned sumina to ataa kakra as he tried to set alight a hut with several arrows.’he’s right,muttered ataa pinyin,we must follow the main plan to strike hard and fast. 'We must not be here when reinforcements arrive!Five asafo rushed to the central abrewanana hut.’we have to warn them of the attack on the village,thought one of the asafo, a bushy haired man. As they reached the gate, there was aloud crash within the hut.’no, he thought, are they being attacked.where are all the guards. Suddenly the guards rushed towards them and began to attack them! Whatever,you do, warned oti, do not let them into the hut until things are settled in there. As the guards began to beat them back, there was a loud crash and an abrewanana stumbled through the entrance before collapsing.into the sunlight, two abrewanana,ama and two walked out,flanked on both sides by blue and whit e clothed guards. ‘everthing’s moving according to plan’ thought ama, as she watched the plumes of smoke from the bushes and the nearby huts.’two, we’re moving to the grove now. ‘I know,spoke two, I just feel that it would be better us to wait for three to finish coordinating the strikes on the princess and the archives.’if she gets caught,..’she wont assured ama. She knows all the back routes to our exit. She is coordinating things indirectly, so it’s not likely that she will even be found.there must be no more delays, she decided as she walked away with the sentries in tow.

At the palace, two guards strode into the courtyard and were welcomed by several others. “ah,welcome back, gyimah,owusu,just in time! Things are getting chaotic out there.’we realized that on our way from the infirmary. If it had been attacked as well, we may not have made it out alive.replied gyimah. 'We think this attack is based on attacking familiar as well as strategic sites,said owusu. 'We must report important information from asafo captain dede to princess oforiwaa immediately.’oh,in that case , take the left corridor, she’s in the decision chamber, replied an old asafo.’thanks,they replied as they sped off into the corridor. Princess oforiwaa stood in the centre of the room,flanked by her two female baguafo(bodyguards). ‘of all the times to attack us, our enemies choose the time when my parents are on a diplomatic trip. I’ll have to wrap this up before they return, but first I must speak with daavi,head of the royal guards, she decided.suddenly, the two guards entered the room without formalities.
'Yes,what is it,oforiwaa asked. Vital information from asafo captain dede, they said as they walked towards her.she demanded that it be spoken of in private. Fine, kindly excuse us,ladies said oforiwaa .almost immediately, the two guards left.

As soon as the three of them remained in the room, she inquired ,what is it. The leaders of this attack are….they both said before pausing to suddenly leap and attack her. As their drawn matchtes swung down on her, she leapt backwards out of their range. They followed,splitting into a formation where gyimah attacked from the left and owusu struck from the right. There was a short clang as metal impacted metal.gyimah and owusu were shocked to discover that she blocked them with an unusually long akofena, the royal blade ! as they pulled back, there was a short clang as she sped towards them ,swinging the blade in a long arc and breaking the blades of their swords.’impossible, she used the 1st step of the wardance! A technique used in the past when royals led their villages into battle,realized gyimah.

As Owusu drew his matchetes,he taunted, breaking our swords was a stroke of luck but twin matchetes are harder to break, he yelled as he lunged forward at her.wait owusu,warned gyimah. There was a loud clang as the blades of the matchete were broken clean off,one matchete blade hurling towards gyimah. 'What, both blades?' gasped owusu,in shock as she rested the blade firmly on his chest ,then konocked him out with the hilt of her akofena.

As Gyimah dodged the incoming blade,he headed towards the exit.’we underestimated her. I’l use the darts on her and….his thoughts were interrupted as she quickly cut him off in a blur of movement,her sword handle knocking the darts from his hands.her eyes narrowed, she softly said, ‘you seem a lot smarter than the other one, so one way or the other, you will tell me what you know and I may have mercy on you and not have you locked up for life.’huh, gyimah smiled ,it’s exactly that kind of ‘noble’ privilege that will be removed when the fate keepers seize control of this village.’ The age of royals will come to a swift and bloody end! Suddenly there was a loud crash that resonated through the place.

Gyimah attempted to escape but she also knocked him out eventually. Her bodyguards broke into the room,’we heard noises they said breathlessly, never mind that,Oforiwaa said curtly. What just happened outside,she asked . the royal archive has been destroyed, there’s nearly nothing left,they replied to oforiwaa’s shock.

Pope Bitterz D'Alomo
10th May 2012, 08:44 PM
Some paragraphing in there would have made easier reading,dont you think ? You lost me at "everywhere they turned was..."

14th May 2012, 11:37 PM
Sorry about the lack of paragraphs . I will do my best not to take them for granted in future posts.
The portrayal of the bushfire scenes were not too good either.I intended to portray a scenario in which it seemed that everywhere the characters turned,all they could see were burning trees and other foliage.I hope to improve upon such scenarios in time