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5th May 2012, 06:51 PM
Sexy Tinny, the undisputed King of Ga rap, has responded to talks that his latest ‘Anaconda’ hit track is profane in nature and that the ‘Anaconda’ he was talking about actually refers to the male sex organ.

The song talks about a certain lady who was made to taste ‘Anaconda’ just once but she became so fond of it that she was always demanding more.


Since the track started making rotations on the airwaves and in clubs, opinions have remained divided on the true meaning of Tinny’s ‘Anaconda’.

The artiste has, for the first time, spoken about the meaning of the song.

“Anaconda is not profane. I don’t do profane songs though there is a big market for it. What people do not know is that my management and I would soon be coming out with an energy drink which would be called Anaconda and I was only talking about the drink in my song.

“It is a marketing strategy and I am surprised people are interpreting it into something they believe to be profane. Then what would the public say when I drop my ‘Something-Something’ album? I am sure they would drag me to the Media Commission or something because that one is very deep,” Tinny explained to News-One.

It is not yet clear whether the public would believe Tinny’s explanation on what he meant by ‘Anaconda’.

Ordinarily, an anaconda is a large, non-venomous type of snake mostly found in the tropics of South America.

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Source: News One