View Full Version : Cine Afrik thrills viewers with a “Bedmate” this weekend

5th May 2012, 06:39 PM
Get unto the Sofa, wrap yourself into those smooth satin sheets and lock your TV Remote Control on Multi TV’s Cine Afrik as it delivers to you your “Bedmate” for the weekend on Cine Afrik Premieres.

According to Nina and her Mum, men are no good for women unless women are ready to mock themselves to the satisfaction of the selfishness of these men.

Nina has been hurt so many times by all the men she has dated. As if that were not enough, her Dad also left her Mum for a girl as young as her age although her Mum had to give up all her pleasures and priorities just to be with her father.


As a result, Nina has grown to hate men with a passion.

Then Nina meets Frank - a guy who caught his fiancée whom he has dated for eight years in bed with another man few weeks to their wedding, at a bar. Will they end up in a fruitful relationship or will it be one more disappointing episode for Nina?

Find out in “Bedmate” from Washington DC Productions as Cine Afrik premieres the movie for the first time ever on TV in Africa, this Saturday 5th May at 7:00pm.

Join the Live Chat-room on Cine Afrik Premieres this Saturday and chit chat with Scott Roberts and Christabelle Ekeh – casts in the movie as they share their experiences in the making of the movie with viewers.

Let’s pick up some ‘bedmatics’ from “Bedmate” at 7:00pm tjis Saturday live on Cine Afrik. Join the Cine Afrik Premieres Chat-room for a weekend filled with unforgettable memories.

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Cine Afrik Premieres is on at 7pm this and every Saturday on Cine Afrik.

From: Ghana| Multi TV| Linda B.