View Full Version : Enoch Drinks Balotelli's URINE For £5,000

30th April 2012, 03:43 PM
THE crazy lifestyle of soccer badboy Mario Balotelli is exposed today by his secret lover. Gorgeous Chloe Evans recalled: “Being with him was like being in a circus — and I was his favourite clown.”

The Sun revealed yesterday she had a 19-month roller-coaster relationship with the maverick Manchester City striker — behind the back of his girlfriend Raffaella Fico, 23. Chloe, 21, finally ditched the madcap Italian last week.

And she summed him up with the words: “Imagine a cross between Willy Wonka, Michael Jackson and Peter Pan — and you’ve got Mario Balotelli.

“There’s nobody else like him in the whole world. It’s like being in the best Disney film you’ve ever seen. The fantasy, fun and action just never seem to stop.”

Yesterday the busty blonde revealed Balotelli liked her to make him up as a girl.

Mario Balotelli and younger brother Enoch

Today she describes how he filled his mansion with SWEETS, bet his brother £5,000 to drink his URINE, loved WATER fights and even hurled a LOBSTER at her.

Chloe, of Wythenshawe, Manchester, said: “Being in Mario’s life is a whirlwind of toys, sweets and kids’ games. His house is like a children’s playground — everything is just mad, “About the only thing he didn’t do was to throw a foam pie in my face. I’d open my eyes in the morning and he would be stood over me with a huge cheeky grin. “Then he’d pull out a bottle of water and squirt it over my face.

“I’d run away. But he would chase me and pull my knickers into a wedgie. Once he pulled my pants so hard, they tore in half.”

Balotelli, 21 — expected to figure in tonight’s Premier League crunch game with Man United — was a regular visitor to the clothing boutique where Chloe worked.

She recalled: “Women would be trying on clothes.

“He’d sit next to me near the counter and when they came out he’d be like, ‘Oh yes, that is very nice’. It was so funny with his accent. I don’t know if any of them recognised him.

Chloe met Balotelli in Manchester’s exclusive Sugar Buddha nightclub in August 2010 — shortly after his move to City from Inter Milan for £24million.

He bombarded her with messages until she agreed to go on a date — and got her first taste of what the zany future held.

Chloe said: “We went to the cinema but Mario nearly got us all thrown out because he was throwing popcorn and laughing really loud. “He asked if he could see me the next day and we went shopping. It was weird because he would laugh at people he thought looked funny.

“Mario called overweight people Shamu, after Florida’s famous killer whale. Even a shopping trip with him was mental.

“We had our first kiss on that date, going up an escalator. It came from nowhere and was lovely. He’s a great kisser.”

Days later Mario — who was given up for adoption aged three — showed his affection in lavish style.

Chloe said: “He gave me a box, on it he had written, ‘Please never hurt me’, with a sad face drawn underneath. On the other side there was a huge smiley face with hearts as eyes.

“I opened the box and inside was the most amazing diamond bracelet I had ever seen. I didn’t know what to say. I had never been given anything so gorgeous.

“He was looking at me with his big smile and asked if I liked it. I was speechless, It was worth more than £15,000 and we had only been on a handful of dates. He was really generous. He bought me two Chow Chow dogs costing £850 each.

Chloe Evans

“There were only two left from the litter and he said I had to have both because we couldn’t leave one.

“I think it was because of his abandonment issues from when he was a child. I agreed to get both.”

Chloe moved into Balotelli’s plush Manchester home, where he had a games room — and footballs everywhere. When he returned from training he would chase Chloe — squirting her with water bottles, calling her his “Pink Power Ranger” and blowing raspberries on her stomach.

Chloe said: “He’d throw off his kit and wear novelty boxer shorts with pictures of sweets on them — or his favourite Superman ones.

“He’d chase me around, pull me down and tickle me. Then when I thought he had left to shower, he would be hiding behind a door, ready to jump out and shout boo.

“He’d let off wind and then shout, ‘Eww, Chloe, that’s horrible’. He kept a huge jar of chocolate eclair sweets. He had hundreds, maybe thousands, of sweets at home.

“He’d play with his remote control car in the car park. You actually had to put petrol in it.

“I was just having such a good time. It was like being with a giggling child all the time. He would call my phone to prank me. “One night we were in bed and my mobile kept ringing with a private number. I’d pick up and it was silent.

“I was shouting down the phone, ‘Stop ringing, you weirdo’. Mario started laughing. He was calling me from under the pillow. Just the other week he gave me a pen. When I went to use it, it gave me an electric shock. He was always the practical joker. When I wasn’t looking in restaurants he’d pour Coca Cola in my food. He called me silly names like Barbie, or weirdo.”

Mario loved inviting his friends round and they would sit for hours playing the computer game Fifa 10.

Chloe recalled: “They’d have bets on it. He’d refuse to be any other player but himself — but said he was better looking than the computer Mario on Fifa.

Him and his brothers would mess around, play-fighting. One night Mario told his brother Enoch he’d pay him £5,000 if he drank his wee.

“Enoch said he would, so Mario went off, weed in a glass and passed it to Enoch.

“He took a big gulp. Everyone went ‘Yuk’ — but Mario thought it was a riot. I asked Enoch if Mario gave him the cash and he said yes. They thought it was so funny.

“Another night we went for a meal and he threw a lobster right at my head, claws and all.

“I screamed. But everyone fell about in stitches — and eventually I had to see the funny side. Who else would do something like that?”

Source: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/4287322/Mario-Balotellis-lover-Chloe-Evans-reveals-the-stars-wacky-ways.html