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27th October 2010, 11:55 AM
Never under estimate the words of Presenters, DJ’s and show producers when they say, ‘if a song is good we will air it for all to hear’, that was the way ‘Aha Yede’ by Nana Buroo was handled.

The song was good, the timing was so right and the engineer, we believe was Killbeatz; he did a thumbs up work on that song, but what about SK Blinks, his input could not have been left out, so perfect. Listen to Aha Yede by Nana Boroo featuring SK Blinks

But once a upon a time in the history of Ghanaian music, there lived the quick hit makers whose hit song was well received in the industry but they could not sustain their level of success in the game after being Blessed with a single hit.

Nana Boroo unlike other musicians in the hipliife game paid very little in terms of dues (Hustling to find rhythm) in the industry, while others went through ‘hell’ from DJ’s and radio station presenters, he on the other hand had it a bit smoothly.

The radio stations in and outside the capital jammed the song to the fullest, giving it, it’s needed airplay just because after playing it once, the demand for that song goes high by listeners.

So the hit was not seen coming; the industry game was very open and from no were came the song “Aha Yede” by Nana Boroo featuring S. K. Blinks.

The very first time “Voice of Mid Morning Accra” Sammy Forson played that tune, he introduced it as the official song for the Easter Festivities and that, was the truth, “Aha Yede” by Boroo, instantly became a hit, a popular tune nobody dare went against in April.

Nana Boroo won the harden hearts of Ghanaian music lovers who will not easily move to a swift beat, even when it is danceable just because the artiste is in question is new.

The artiste became hot in the game, there was no event that did not have his ‘TAG’, the song was used for majority of voice overs in the country, for once, we saw a particular network using a song constantly, during their promotion.

But more was expected from Nana Buroo, all the stages Nana Buroo performed on during his hit days, have all being ‘CRAP’. His stage performances are nothing to write home about, and at certain times his appearance has also been a problem apart from his appearance during the GMA’s, the TV3 festival train inside the central region was bad.

Apart from his sleaze performance what else will make Nana Buroo survive the music industry. We have witnessed a lot of other artistes having a break through with a hit single and not following it up with other hits.

After several months of great success with a hit single, Nana Boroo, is likely to join to the trace of ‘Deeba’, Keteke, G-life, Jay D (the highlander) among others, who have nothing to show after a great success with a hit breakthrough, if he does not prove his critics wrong.

Does this also confirm the fact that the artiste in question, Nana Boroo is not a musician but can be described as someone who has love and desired to be like his role models?

His reign as a musician is over; the new single is doing so bad with air play as compared to the first one. What will do the magic for him with his second single, a song he sang on ETV’s late night celebrity show, formally known as celebrity soccer show.

Well if Deeba, among others are now back and struggling to have a stand in the game because it has change so much and it keeps on growing day in, day out, Nana Boroo should use that as a pillow, it should always serve as a reminder.

Source: Ghanamusic

27th October 2010, 01:09 PM
Aha Yede will forever be the biggest ever one HIT wonder. Nana Boroo should be proud of this feat.

Pope Bitterz D'Alomo
27th October 2010, 01:29 PM
The Lack of creativity is what is killing Ghanaian music. Every kid in Tema wants to be like Usher or Michael Jackson oblivious of the fact that creativity,innovation and talent is what has gotten the afore mentioned this far.

Boroo can't milk the Aha Yede cow forever, better dig deeper or join the tall list of has beens or wannabes. The DJ's got this one right.

27th October 2010, 01:43 PM
The list of artistes/musicians (if even I can call them as such) who appear on the music scene with one hit on their debut album and then "poof" are not able to stand on their feet is endless in Ghana. Most of these hiplife artists are nowhere to be found but back in the 90's they were a hit. The funny thing is, it spans across both the gospel as well as the circular music.

The "Ahayede" song is surely a hit but Nana Boroo should head back onto the drawing board and really start afresh if he wants to survive. Musicians my all time favorite Kojo Antwi and Daddy Lumba (aka DL) are still going on strong after all these years because one, they have the talent and two they don't rush to bring out songs that are not well prepared.

The young ones should learn lessons from them.

28th October 2010, 04:53 AM
Yeah, i totally agree with you guys. He should have used that song to propel himself to new heights by churning more creative hits, Boro has rather gone stale, hence the backlash.