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5th April 2012, 02:12 PM
The rumours started on a very slow pace but it gathered momentum and within a short time, it was all over like a bush fire seeking for attention. The more you make up your mind not to join in the spree, the more the issue looks at you in the face. It is about Agya Koo arresting his own wife Victoria Owusua Adomako aka Adwoa Vic for stealing his (Agya Koo’s) car and giving it to her boyfriend.

Media people led by Adom 106.3 fm have been combing all corners of the country especially at police stations where the case has been reported but it seems the police officers are being over professional by shelving the matter from the media scene. It is in the wake of this issue that the guys at Channel R decided to speak with the wife of Kofi Adu aka Agya Koo for her side of the story.

Despite media allegations that the woman might be at the wrong side of the whole allegations making the rounds, it seems Adwoa Vic has a different story to tell and she say’s it bluntly on every platform that she will be called. In a chat with Christian Agyei Frimpong, who happens to be the producer of 205 Total Entertainment, she had this to say. “You people should not worry your head at all about what is happening to our marriage because there are more that you do not have an idea about. Since the issue cropped up in the news, I have been receiving countless calls from all over the country. I am not speaking to anybody now because I know the right time to come out with what is really happening. When that time comes, I will come to your radio station to say all that is involved in this issue and you will know what I mean” she added.

Christian continued to ask her whether she can confirm the story or not and this was her response. “I am restricting myself from saying something about the case this time because I have set my own time that I will go public on the matter. Because of that mind set, I will leave every question unanswered for the mean time and when the set time is due, I will come public. But what I want to say is that if Agya Koo wants to go out and disgrace me, then I will also come out to respond to the allegations. There is only one truth and the truth will surely come out. I will personally come to your studio and narrate all that has happened to you” words of Agya Koo’s troubled wife Adwoa Vic.

Meanwhile, the woman was also heard on Top Showbiz on Top Radio speaking almost the same language. The fact that she has repeated the same language on Top Radio with producer Attractive is a clear sign that she means her words and that at the right time, she will explode. Flex newspaper promises to keep readers updated when the time is due.

Source: Flex Newspaper