View Full Version : "Biometric Voters Register Could Disenfranchise Over 90,000 Students"

3rd April 2012, 06:53 PM
The National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) is crying foul over what it says are efforts that could disenfranchise over 98,000 students.

The Union said the lack of clarity on voter transfer procedures on Election Day could lead to this situation. The biometric voter registration exercise is currently in its tenth day.
Phase two of the exercise is begins on Wednesday.


NUGS' press and information secretary, Austin Brako- Powers told Citi News “there are over 24,000 SHS schools that have students who are eligible to vote and we’re also talking about the fact that tertiary students especially students of the various public universities would be disenfranchised if care is not take.

“Mind you these are people who go to their home villages to register yet the deadline for the registration is so close and student would be vacating somewhere close to the month of May.

“So clearly the deadline from the EC would certainly end up disenfranchising students the more. The EC must have taken into cognizance the academic calendar before bringing out this timetable."

Meanwhile spokesperson for the Electoral Commission, Sylvia Annor told Citi News contrary to the concerns raised by NUGS, the EC has put measures in place to assist students.

Source: Citifmonline.com