View Full Version : Goddammit!!! Rawlings Should Just Shut Up…We’re Tired Of Him – Kofi Wayo

2nd April 2012, 04:58 PM
Founder and Leader of the United Renaissance Party (URP), “Chuck” Kofi Wayo, has slammed ex-president Rawlings describing him as a highly egotistical person who needs to zip his mouth shut, since his constant intrusions in the affairs of the state by way of press releases, will in no way halt or reduce the poverty staring majority of Ghanaians in the face.

His comment comes on the heels of a press statement issued last week from the Office of the Former President in defence of his embattled spokesperson, Mr. Kofi Adams over his suspension from the party and other matters related to governance.

In a pithy statement punctuated with epigrams, Mr Rawlings slated the Mills’ administration and the NDC leadership for treating Kofi Adams as an “outcast”. To him, the Mills administration is “fast speeding the country into an abyss” and called on all as Easter approaches, to “seek God’s guidance in honest, unpretentious prayer of supplication”.

“When you find yourself in an unintended pit or hole the wise thing to do is to stop digging. It does not appear the Mills government is able to see the growing darkness around them. They have lost so much moral high ground…Ghana needs a real and true awakening. The government is fast speeding the country into an abyss…,” the statement read.

But speaking on Adom FM, the URP Founder advised Mr Rawlings to stop playing to the gallery and rather accused him (Rawlings) of sending the country into an abyss since his 19year rule yielded no positive dividends. To him, the former president simply does not have the fear of God in him, for acting so sanctimonious after depleting the economy during his tenure.

"I have come to realize that he is a selfish individual of the highest level and any man who fears God would not believe him. He doesn't have the fear of God in him…Nkrumah left us with over 300 factories and when he came to power, he sold all and wants us to praise him?" he asked rather sarcastically.

The outspoken politician further questioned why some section of the public still continue to revere Mr. Rawlings when most of his actions would have been outrightly condemned in the West.

“All the internal struggles in the NDC wouldn't bring food and water on our tables….Rawlings should just shut up and get over it...Goddamnit! We tired of him...B******t men!" he said angrily.

Source: Chris Joe Quaicoe/Peacefmonline.com