View Full Version : Uncle Ebo Whyte's premieres “Sins of the Fathers”

29th March 2012, 06:58 PM
Hundreds of theater lovers thronged the National Theater in Accra to witness the premiering of Roverman Productions' latest play, “Sins of the Fathers”, a play written and directed by Uncle Ebo Whyte.

“Sins of the Fathers” tell the story of two uncompromising fathers, two high-achieving children and two mothers afraid for their husbands and their children.

On one side is Dr. Boafo, a presidential candidate and the proud father of Kobby, a PhD holder, who is making waves in the USA. Dr. Boafo has been looking forward earnestly to the day his son will take a wife. But when the day comes and he discovers who his son intends to marry, he collapses.

On the other side is Prof. Agyeman, the president, who has always dreamed of leading his only daughter, Sadiya, down the aisle in Church to give her away in marriage but when the day comes and he discovers who his daughter intends to marry, he is alarmed and swears that he cannot give his blessings to the marriage.

“President” Prof. Agyeman and party candidate Dr. Boafo allow the political enmity between them to come between the dreams for their children. But the children, Kobby and Sadiya together with their mothers, the First Lady and Mrs. Boafo work hard to bring peace between their fathers and husbands and eventually both fathers come to realize that peace must not just be preached, but practiced.

The play also unravels the lies told by some party faithful to their leaders and even people in government who mislead our leaders.

Some of the people who watched the play said it was refreshing to watch a play that made light the political tension that seems to be mounting in the country.

The playwright, Uncle Ebo Whyte said he particularly chose to premier the play on 27th March as his way of celebrating the World Theatre Day. Asked about the political theme in the play, he said this year being an election year, he is using his play to create awareness that peace must prevail in the country.

The hilarious yet serious play will show at the National Theatre on 31st March, 2012. The first show is at 4pm, followed by the second show on the same day at 8pm.