View Full Version : African Indigenous Film Union of Ghana (AIFUGHA) is Born

22nd March 2012, 07:41 PM
Francis Xavier Tuokuu
The African Indigenous Film Union of Ghana (AIFUGHA) under the auspices of the Ministries of Information and Chieftaincy and Culture will officially be inaugurated on 31st March, 2012 at the National Theatre.

In a press statement copied to The Al-Hajj, AIFUGHA said “the audio visual (film, television, video, the internet) represent the most powerful system of communication, it is also the most effective means of education and behavior change”.

The new body has identified that “anything that has been achieved by any race can also be achieved by the African”.

According to AIFUGHA, “Africa has had the advantage of the use of film for some time now” but was quick to add that, this has not translated positively in terms of projecting the culture and progress for the development of her people.

It is in this light that, the organization seeks to “produce film and TV programmes that will promote unity, self-worth progress and development”, adding that; “its programmes will also promote the positive aspects of African cultures, encourage peace and peaceful co-existence among the various ethnic groups in Ghana and Africa”.

It is the aim of the group to make sure that African history is properly told in order to achieve what they say “to undo the mutilation of our history and achievements inflicted by outsiders”.

The group also seeks to build the capacity of members and promote members' interest in the areas of financial, technical and marketing competence.

As its overall objectives, AIFUGHA wants to build the capacity of its members who are mostly film makers and TV producers, and to educate them through orientation, to enable them produce quality and edifying films and other audio visuals.

AIFUGHA said it will also safeguard and promote the interest of its members in the areas of financial, technical and marketing competence