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20th March 2012, 09:56 PM
Residents of Anaji Queen of Peace, near Takoradi, were astonished last Thursday afternoon when news broke that a 2-year-old boy in the area, Kofi Mensah, who got drowned in a septic tank containing water, had been resurrected by one Mama Vero, a spiritualist residing in the community.

According to sources, the tank, in which the boy got drowned, was located in the house of one Ama Aseniwa, Kofi Mensah’s aunt.

Mama Vero, the Spitual mother and Kofi Mensah, the 2-year-old boy who got drowned

The source told Daily Guide that the mother of the boy, Janet Okyere, left her son in the care of her sister and went to purchase some food stuff from a near-by market.

Speaking in an interview with Daily Guide at her residence at Anaji, she indicated that she was cooking in the kitchen when Janet brought Kofi to her house and said she would be back to pick him up.

She later could not find the little boy in the kitchen so she started searching for him.

When she came out from the kitchen, she realized that the roofing sheet that covered the septic tank had been shifted so she quickly ran to the location of the tank and when she looked inside, she saw the lifeless body of the little boy floating in the water.

According to her, at that moment, the secretary of Mama Vero was passing in front of the house so she shouted for help and the man came to their rescue by removing the lifeless body of the little boy from the septic tank.

Ama Aseniwa indicated that the “Good Samaritan” rushed the dead body to the residence of the spiritual mother who allegedly resurrected the little boy from the dead.

Daily Guide gathered that people who heard the bizarre story trooped to the area to catch a glimpse of the resurrected two year-old boy, and Mama Vero who performed the alleged miracle.

According to sources, the woman, on seeing the curious crowd heading towards her residence, appealed to them to rather give all the glory to God because it was the Supreme Being who performed the miracle through her.

In an interview with Daily Guide, Mama Vero, affectionately called ‘Spiritual Mother,’ told Daily Guide that even though she had the spiritual gifts to perform certain miracles, she had never raised any one from the dead since she started operating with the power of God.

She indicated that on that fateful day, at about 2pm, she was in her room mediating when she heard her secretary calling her so she quickly went out.

The secretary, who was then holding the dead boy in his hands, threw the little boy on her and asked the spiritual mother to pray for the deceased so that he would come back to life.

According to her, she took the little boy to “a prayer room and prayed for him until Kofi came back to life”.

When asked exactly what she used to raise the dead, Mama Vero pointed out that in addition to the power of God, she also used herbs and oil for almost all the miracles she performed.

Source: Emmanuel Opoku/Daily Guide