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20th March 2012, 04:32 PM
The debate over actors and actresses going ---- in movies is one that will not die down anytime soon. In a continent where religion and culture play a key role in social orientation, many have argued that nudity in movies is un-African and must not be promoted in any way.

Bubbly and daring actress Nana Akua Addo is the latest to wade into the debate, declaring that she has no qualms with acting ---- provided her nudity will help tell the story properly.

A Nollywood actress, Omoni Oboli was reported to have rejected a US$500,000 offer to play a lead role in a movie budgeted to cost about US$40 million.

According to the story, there were three completely ---- scenes where Omoni would have played a character having sex with three different men.

Interestingly, Nana Akua told Myjoyonline.com in an interview that she will play ---- if her displaying all her goodies in a movie “is relevant to the story because once we are acting we are trying to tell a story, we are trying to educate, we are trying to preach so if it is very vital to get that message out, why not …”

The Miss Ghana Germany 2005 winner however chastised the abuse of sex scenes in Ghanaian movies, saying some of these scenes are sometimes not relevant to a story.

“If you look at some of our Ghanaian movies, the storyline, there are certain sex scenes I don’t think it’s very relevant. (The effect) could have been achieved in a different way … and sometimes it just need to be detailed it depends on the storyline or whatever the director wants to achieve,” she said.

Nana Akua may not be your regular superstar on your silver screen but for someone who grew up always wanting to be in front of the camera, she said she had her major breakthrough with the movie Raj – The Dancer released last year after a stint with 4Syte TV as a presenter for two years.

She has so far featured in 10 movies including Believe Me, Hidden Passion, Crazy Scandal, Breaking the Rules and Destiny’s Child.

The Miss Malaika 2003 second runner-up said she does not limit herself when it comes to the movie roles she plays. “I am very daring and I am waiting for that daring script.”

Nevertheless, she noted that her acting life does not influence her cultural values. “As an actress, it is my job at the end of the day. When I go home I am Nana Akua Addo, my values are still there and I pick them back but when I am on-set I am a different person, I am that character that I’ve been paid – the service I have been paid to render. I believe in our values very much.”

Nana Akua is determined to excel in her acting career - advising others “to do something that you enjoy doing, it gives you that inner joy and satisfaction.”


21st March 2012, 01:00 PM
Which words have you censored? It makes no sense, they are words we read everywhere